View Full Version : is anyone on trazodone??

31-10-08, 22:20
my dr has just changed my tablets always feel a bit wary of changing tablets and just wondered if anyone has/is on these tablets and could give me a bit of feedback??

01-11-08, 09:47
hi kerri im on trazadone, have been for about a year now mainly to help me sleep but they dont really work for that ,what dosage have you been put on?

07-02-09, 23:45
They sometimes do the job in making you feel tired at night but not always and I am hoping to come off them next week as I don't feel they have really helped me much.

My sleeping pattern I feel has got worse while on them even though I was started on them to try make this better :doh:

24-02-09, 00:28
I've been on 'em for a couple of weeks. Tried celexa, effexor, and zoloft and was allergic to 'em all (dry skin, flushing, itching......) so I guess I'm allergic to SSRIs. Which is why I was switched to traz.

Anyway I'm up to 100mg at bedtime and I've found them to be wonderful so far. I take it for depression and anxiety and the sleep effects are just a bonus. I'm getting to the point now where I don't feel overly tired in the morning or day. And my mood has improved considerably....at least as good as the SSRIs. Of course time will tell if they do the job for me but right now I heart the traz and I haven't yet reach my max dose yet (slowly building up to it).

18-05-09, 20:24
I've been on Trazodone for the best part of a week and although I slept like a log the first night of taking it, since then I've not slept at all good and it seems to be getting worse. Ok I'm only taking a very low dose (75mg) which was to see how I get on with them but I thought it wouldn't have affected my sleep pattern as with my last AD which was Mirtazapine I slept really well every night :unsure:

Am not due back at docs til next week so I'll just have to carry on with them as they are and see her about maybe changing the dose then.

24-08-09, 10:04
ive been on trazadone nearly 8 months and they helped at first as citalapram stop working..im on 150mg a day and they are ment to calm me down and help with sleep...they dont work now and doc may put on higher dose..id try them as may help...if not least you tryed and can rule them out...hope they work for you x

24-08-09, 19:34
I think the theraputic dosage of Traz for depression is 300mg. At lower levels it's a sleep aid. I had to stop taking it at 150mg because I began itching. I did like it while I was taking it though.

01-09-09, 03:54
HI, I take 60mg of citalopram and 100mg for trazodone.

It helped me sleep when I first started taking it it help with my sleep and axiety. Now I think im used to it now dont really notice it!

I rememeber the first time I took it I was out like a light within 40mins! lol!

I havent had any bad side effects!

21-09-09, 20:01
I have just been prescribed this after starting on citalopram a week ago. It was giving me usch bad anxiety that I have been told to stop citalopram and just take trazodone. I took my first 150mg dose this morning and it completely knocked me out :ohmy: I'm going to try and halve the dose for a few nights and see how it goes. So far the anxiety has been stopped, but it feels strangely just below the surface- I can't describe it but it's like i can feel that tightness in my chest, but only through a fog, and it doesn't get strong enough to overwhelm me. It's a definate improvement, so I hope this might be the one for me

21-09-09, 23:29
I was put on Trazodone today and take my first one tonight (or maybe tomorrow we'll see!). I was on duloxetine but it gave me bad headaches and while I was OK with citalopram my doctor doesn't think it's a good idea right now as I am currently suffering from rage issues and she is worried it may make it slightly worse when I first start it.

ps I noticed veebea that you took yours in the morning which might explain why it knocked you out- I was told to take it at night as it has a sedative effect when you first take it.

21-09-09, 23:58
Trazodone is a good alternative to SSRIs. Some people can't take the activating and stimulating side effects, and trazodone is an excellent sedative. But as Spastic said, you need higher dose for depression, though lower doses are good for anxiety and sleep. Problem l found though is that the sleep effect wears off after a few months, and l couldn't sleep at night whilst feeling tired during the day.

Luci-loo: I know you were saying you were gonna go back on citalopram after the duloxetine but l think your Doc made an excellent choice with the trazodone - you def have a doc that understands mental health...

22-09-09, 01:11
Honestly I can't praise my doctor enough, she actually listens and thinks about what will help you as a person and not just pick something off a list. The reasoning for putting me on duloxetine in the first place is because it helps people with bladder issues also and she hoped I might get some relief from my incredibly weak and anxiety causing bladder issues.

22-09-09, 11:20
Hi all
i was perscribed trazadone over 4 years ago for anxiety and depression after many attempts at ssris which all failed.
Started at 100mg and im now on 250mg at night which still work for me ,mainly helping me sleep and keeping anxiety at bay during day,no bad side effects like the ssris and the hazy feeling in morning goes after a few months.
The one thing i always do is make sure ive had a snack before taking them as it makes u a hell of a dizzy if u dont and works better with some food in stomach.
traz has worked for me and to anyone just starting them keep in there and give them a chance

22-09-09, 11:37
My sister-in-law is a nurse and has been on trazadone a number of years. She says they are the kindest AD and has never had a single side effect.

22-09-09, 18:15
Took my first one last night and feel not too bad today. No sickness headaches increased anxiety or anything.

I do feel very woozy but not bad woozy almost the way you get when mildly drunk and not really managing to get much done but its better than my 3am cooking sessions and yelling at everyone. Ordering a chippy tonight because I can't summon the energy too cook but pretty confident it will pass in time.

23-09-09, 18:52
I'm on my third day now and feeling so much better than I was :yesyes: I am getting my appetite back slowly but surely and am sleeping so much better. I have had no panic that has overwhelmed me. Bit of an upset tummy but I can deal wiht that. What I have noticed todya is that I have terrible strain in my neck at the sides- I think I must have been clenching my teeth but I've not realised I've been doing it. Hope everyone else is ok :hugs:

23-09-09, 18:53
Hope it goes well for you Luci-loo. Trazodone is a good med - keep us posted...

24-09-09, 14:17
Wasn't able to sleep last night very after taking the one tablets and was up for hours and hours and back to feeling "hyper" so think I'll up my tablets to 2 tonight because my angry head started to rear it's ugly head again last night. Not worried about upping the dose though so it's an improvement from I usually am.

24-09-09, 19:05
I'm upping my dose today as well- I've been breaking my 150mg pills in half but today the anxiety has reared its ugly head so I am going to take a full dose. I have to say that for the last few days previous, I have felt 'normal' to the extent that I could easily have forgotten to take them at all, but knowing that I have that horrible anxious feelign has made me realise just what good these pills are doing me. I just hope I don't have to keep upping the dose:huh: I worry that I am makign myself worse though- my fears are my mail and phone calls. I've been opening my mail but today have had 2 calls from unknown numbers. If I could just answer them I'm sure I'd be fine, but as it is I can't get the nerve to, so now my head is filled with terrible thoughts about who it could be (the latest is that it's the police who will come and take me away :wacko:) which is making it much worse than it needs to be. Sods law says its someone trying to sell me double glazing :roflmao:

24-09-09, 20:31
The maximum dose is 600mg, so yeh probably a good idea for you guys to up the dose. I found that it made me really dizzy and spacey if l took it during the day and my doc told me to take full dose before I went to bed (I think I was on about 250mg - it was a couple of years ago now).

I'm sure it is just the double glazing people calling you Veebea lol! All that stressing for nothing! Sure you'll be fine :)

29-09-09, 20:39
Still not taking my full 3 tablets but been almost busy with my nephews birthday and having to go to the shops for food as the internet was broken I didn't want to be too "spacey" and I managed to fall asleep in front of the tv last night and didn't take them. Plan is 2 tonight and 3 tomorrow with no excuses!!

I'm a little concerned about the sleeping side kept worrying that I'll wet the bed or won't get up if there is a fire because they knock me out but I think I'm just trying to find reasons (excuses) not to take the full amount which is silly as they have been working so far, just need a little push.

08-10-09, 23:55
let me know how you get on im in the same situation thinking of taking 25 the first night then 50 for a couple then upping it as needed but so scared of side effects as i have three children to look after good luck and i hope it works for you!x

10-10-09, 15:07
I've been on trazodone since 2004.

Whilst it has helped me through a rough patch, I'm now getting fed up of the side effects. I am mainly getting extreme tiredness during the day, especially the 4 or 5 hours after waking, and I'm also suffering with lots of lightheadedness. In addition, I've got a very dry mouth a lot of the time.

I want to gradually come off them, but my GP is useless. He will not change my prescription until he gets the say-so from my pscyhiatrist. But, I only see her every 3 months for a 5 minute appointment. How can they judge me on 5 minutes every 3 months?

So, I want to come offf the traz myself. But, the tablet I get is a capsule so I can't cut it in half.

I'm on 100mg.

Any thoughts?

10-10-09, 15:44
Why dont you write to shrink and explain you want to come off them and could they change the script to a 50mg tab to start the process


10-10-09, 21:48
I have to say I'm getting more and more side effects from Trazodone now I'm almost into my fourth week of taking them. I tried halving my dose for a couple of nights but I couldn't sleep at all so I think I am relying on them too much to get to sleep. Also I am getting terrible headache that I think might be a problem with my vision which I've never had before. While this is horrible, the trazodone has taken away my anxiety to the extent that I don't want to be without it :shrug: I have my first counselling appointment on Monday so I'll bring it up then I guess

11-10-09, 10:37
Hi Guys.

Started last week on 50 mgs four times a day. So far no problems. Not wanting to pre-empt things but thus far i feel much better. not had one anxiety attack since started. I dont feel tired at all in any part of the day, but i do feel more relaxed. i find myself able to sit and watch tv for the first time in a while, and just relax. my temper is also relaxed and i dont find myself getting worked up over things that in the past would have got me going.

I know its early days however thus far i'm pleased.

One little side effect is that my memory seems to have got worse, which is a pain, but trying to deal with it.

11-10-09, 19:29
Trazodone does work, but I guess I'm having the extreme end of the side effects.

I can cope with dry mouth, headaches, etc.....but the tiredness and lightheadedness is ruining my day-to-day existence.

I'll write to my shrink.

12-10-09, 03:44
I'm still only taking the 2 50g and should really be on 150g by now but terrified of not waking up in the event of a fire or needing to pee. I'm actually having panic attacks every night about taking them and really anxious the moment I climb into bed I have to get right back out and pee and again every 20 mins til I pass out around 5-7am even though I take my meds at 1am.

I'm really annoyed with myself about it though as it was working and I was starting to feel better but its the actual taking of the tablet that sending me up the wall and I know if I take it just once I'll be likely be OK but just can't work up the courage- I got as far as putting 3 in my mouth but I couldn't make myself swallow them and had to spit them out and just took the normal 2. I think I need to speak with my CBT therapist about it on Tuesday but she cancelled last week and not sure if she will still be coming on Tuesday or not, if I don't see her I'll make an appointment with the doc. I really want to keep taking it though as it's really helping it's just the whole "what if I don't wake up" feeling.

16-10-09, 01:04
i am the same it is the actual taking of the tablet and the anxiety that acompanys it also i didn,t want to mix with the diazepam because of increased tiredness but have managed the day with only 2 mg and hoping to try the trazodone next week when half term starts so i dont have to worry about the morning,be careful luci loo as the going to the toilet sounds like the start of ocd so try to go the once and that is it incase it does develope and bcd go back to your doctor they are responsible for your prescription not anyone else he cant expect you to keep taking them if you are ready to come off them he should be happy to help reduce you gradually. x

16-10-09, 02:01
be careful luci loo as the going to the toilet sounds like the start of ocd

I've had toilet issues for years, I have a really bad phobia of wetting myself and even just the first inklings of needing to go make me feel physically sick. Had a good long chat with my therapist about it on Tuesday and realised that if I can stay awake for hours after taking it the sedative is quite likely not as strong as I think it is. Going to ask my dr if I can stay on 100mg while I do my CBT as the whole point is doing things even though I'm anxious and the 100mg helps a lot but there is still a little anxiety and if I take the 150mg it might disappear completly only to resurface when I stop. It seems to be the one for me though even on 100 mg my anxiety is only about 2-3 out of 10 instead of constantly around 8-9 out of 10 and having next to no side effects.

16-10-09, 23:14
im happy it works for you, sorry about the toilet thing just i am the same before bed and always put it down to ocd how long did it take you to get cbt because that is what i am thinking of paying for privately as my doc said i have to see a councillor again first and looking at a good years wait!

17-10-09, 01:24
75% of my anxiety stems from my toilet issues including not even being able to leave the house as I'm too worried what will happen if I need to go- even if it's just a 2 min trip to the shop. I was referred to see a counciller and got seen pretty quickly as it was a brand new practice and the concillor hadn't yet become full up, after my first session (I think I only waited about 3-4 weeks) she decided to proceed with CBT as she thought it would be best way forward. I def have OCD with my toilet habits but funny thing is that now I don't even think it's abnormal my OH sometimes gets in the car and says "oh I need to go ahh well" and I really scream at him because I can't comprend someone just "forgetting" to go if they needed.

22-10-09, 13:05
Still feeling good on the meds. doc put me up to 300 mgs but said i can stay in the main at 200 but if i feel i need a bit more at night to up them.

Still no side effects and for the first time in a long while i feel able to look at other parts of my life with a view to sorting them out.
so far so good.

31-10-09, 00:32
I take trazodone.
Started at 150mgs then went upto 300mgs at night.
I dunno if this is down to the traz wearing off, but I found a surge in anxiety late evening time, so I now take 250mgs at night and 250mgs in the morning.

02-11-09, 10:28
Hi im on Trazodone, was taken off dusolopin due to OD risk. i have been on them for 3 weeks now. I have had a simila experiance. first night i slept good after 3 n half weeks of no sleep. after that knight i havent slepped at all, im on 150ml due to be put up today. I dont think there working for the depprecion at all as i still keep trying to end it. i do know other people on the sphyciatric unit im on and others too that it works realy well for, so i wish you all the look in the world with them and hope thay help you more than they did me. you should know if there working in about 4 weeks so if you find them no help tell your G,P as there is a wide selection of similar medication like this.
hope they work, Stay stong, But most of all stay positive!:hugs:

17-05-10, 17:19
I'm on trazodone 150 mg for 3 mouths and I'm very happy with the results.

It will help you to sleep and get a normal life since it's indicated for anxiety and depression. No side effects for me.

A combination of other safe anti-depressant will help you too.

I don't really need any benzo like Rivotril or Diazepam since Trazodone relaxes me and trazodone is not addictive.

17-06-10, 12:14
I've been on trazadone for about 8 weeks at various doses and the whole time I've have extreme nausea and stomach pain. Ended up having a camera down my throat to try and find the reason but nothing was found. Its not really helping with the anxiety either. Feel very miserable my pdoc is away til next week

Any comments


12-09-11, 11:40
about to start taking this as having sleep distrubances leaving me tired in turn increasing anxiety so sounds like may help with that

29-09-11, 12:49
I take it with citalopram. Helps sleep, no nasty side effects. In fact for me, NO side effects. Very mild. Fear not.

15-08-12, 11:58
I'm going to ask my doctor to go on it today and give it a try as Mirtazapine isn't working for me at all and I've had 3 days now where I've been riggled with anxiety as they have cut my diazepam down and I took an extra pill twice and am worrying myself silly over what my gp will say or if he will leave me without any. I have been telling them for weeks that Mirtazapine does nothing for my anxiety though, in fatc it's made it worse since I went up to 45mg so really hoping Trazadone helps me as I can't tolerate Citalopram type anit-d's either. So fed up right now, it's the 6 weeks holiday and I feel like I hardly bother with my little boy or feel like going out anywhere because I am so wrapped up in feeling so bad. Luckily we're living with my parents at the mo as I'm going through a divorce hence being ill so my little boy is getting lot sof fuss off his Gran and Grandad and I've bought him a new trampoline he's never off.

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Got the Trazadone so I am praying it works for my sleep problems and anxiety. Bit worried over taking it tonight but if it makes my sleep worse or anxiety I just won't take it again, I keep telling myself! (:

14-09-15, 04:24
I am currently taking 20mg citalopram in the morning and 50mg of trazadone at night for sleep. Started 4 days ago, and I already notice a difference. I'm not having anxiety attacks, and I sleep like a rock. Before, I wouldn't sleep well. Maybe 4 hours a night, some nights less and some nights none at all. My hubby and I are currently battling with cps, they are crazy, making up stuff and making our life's a living hell all because his ex is bat crap crazy. Let's not forget how the child was, tantrums, arguments for hours on end, the constant smell of poo (the child is 9 and has multiple accidents everyday) and the physical- the child hitting, kicking and breaking things for not getting his way. You can imagine the stress we are under. I can say, these two together are wonderful. However. If I do not take traz, I do not sleep.
I am sorry to hear about your stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. And I hope they get better.