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11-06-05, 13:03
I went and bought st john's wort to see if it will help my panic attacks but someone at me work said her son tried them and they made him worse.
Now im scared to start taking them incase there is any effects to them.
I just dont no what to do now?
Take Care South

11-06-05, 13:13
Hi South

I have been on SJW for the last 12 months and have sufferes no side effects, I have atken them a few times in the last 10 years and have been ok every time.
They take a few weeks to kick in, but they have ceratinly done the trick for me, apart from the odd day of feeling panicky I am 98% better,

Hope this helps

Take care


11-06-05, 13:32
I spoke to a cpn and she said dnt take if on any other meds.


11-06-05, 13:47
hi south,
i've never tried it but sarah has (seh1980) so hopefully she'll be along soon to offer advice.
take care

11-06-05, 14:03
hello there,

ive taken st johns wort with no ill side effects at all and where quite easy to come off, to be honest i found them really good, certainly helped with the panic attacks as they eased really quickly, gave me more energy, in fact they were a great little herb and would happily take them again if needed.

hope this helps.


11-06-05, 14:33
Hi South,
Have heard good and bad about this, firstly my friend takes it and feels great, secondly, as previously said, i think it may interfere with other meds. i.e. blood pressure and the 'pill', i am not at all medically qualified, so please forgive me if i am wrong, check with your doctor or pharmacy? keep in touch. xxxxxxxx

11-06-05, 14:53
I tried SJW and it didn't agree with me. They gave me a rash and made my tummy feel unwell but they have worked for loads of other people. Even if they don't agree with you, it won't do you any harm. It is worth giving them a go as they will most certainly help and that would be worth it..:D

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11-06-05, 17:44
Hi South

I haven't tried this myself, but it seems just like medication, it helps some people and not others.

You don't have anything to lose by giving it a try.


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11-06-05, 20:06
hi i used them 6 years ago
and they were okay had to come off them as was pregnant
tried them few weeks ago again and i kept getting sweats which kept me awake.............but im on hrt so not sure anyway only tried them 4 days cant stand sweats............
but when i used them last time they didnt give me panics i was just anxious on them as i worry about meds............even herbal..............
guess different for everyone like has been said they wont harm you if you try them i hate meds real phobic and i tried them................

p gregory

11-06-05, 20:23
see thats me problem im total against trying med but i thougt maybe being herbal i would give them a go but im really not sure now
take care South

11-06-05, 21:36
If it helps you then it would have been worth it, don't you think? :D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

11-06-05, 21:44
Hi South,
If you are not taking any other meds. just go for it, it will help you, just spoke to my friend and she said she had never felt better, i have taken herbal meds over the years and none have done me any harm, take care xxxx

11-06-05, 22:46
I was going to take them but then was on other meds so realised you werent to mix the two, all meds herbal or prescribed are the same, wht suit one may not suit another etc, if I was bad and not on meds I would try. Let us know South what you do, take care, love Alexis,x

11-06-05, 23:50
I'm sure it wouldn't do you any harm if you tried them I also heard b12 is good for panic attacks haven't tried it myself tho

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12-06-05, 09:55
Hi South

I don't like taking meds either but as these are herbal I felt better about taking them and know that they work for me. If you are not on any other meds they might be wortha try mate. I also take Vit B complex and Omega 3 as well as recommended by meg.
PM me if you want to chat about it

Take care

Elaine x

12-06-05, 21:17
Hi South.

I take a blend of St John's Wort with Hops and Lemon Balm which I find effective (Hypericum Complex). Tried SJW on its own and it didn't help much. Mine is a fresh herb tincture so fairly quick to help. But the box warns it can interfere with prescribed medicines.

As Karen says, like prescribed medicines - some things work for one and not another.

I hate taking anything too... but I guess I feel better about herbal than other. Friend recommended it to me. I'm still have bad days but my husband says I'm much better - and he should know!! :D


14-06-05, 13:07
I tried SJW yesterday and my heart started pounding, I got a headache and felt quite dizzy. Woke up this morning completely exhausted. Went to the doctor and she said that it takes a few days to kick in and I felt exactly the same way when I first started taking Cipraltram.
So know I don't know whether to keep going and see if these side effects subside or stop.
Has anyone else experienced initial side effects that did pass?

14-06-05, 14:51
It can take from a few days to a few weeks to kick in but it gets easier

If you've made the desicion to take it - give it a good go ..

You're not on any other meds are you ?


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14-06-05, 16:40
I'm not on anything else. Just trying to work out if the symptoms are an adverse reaction to it or if it is just my body getting used to it. Don't mind if its the latter but I don't want to take them if the side effects wont subside.
How long should I try them before I will know? Don't fancy feeling like that evryday for a month!

14-06-05, 17:30
Good . Are you nervous taking new medication normally ?

Give it a week.


Watch your thoughts, they become your words...
Watch your words, they become your actions... Watch your actions, they become your habits... Watch your habits, they become your character... Watch your character, it becomes your destiny...

14-06-05, 18:14
I never used to be. I always tried everything to make me feel better. I like the thought of my condition being able to be cured through medication. I guess its the easy option. Rather than hard work and going through troubling times before it gets better, I just want someone to say "take this and everything will go away". Doesn't work like that though unfortuneatley.

I don't want to be scared of taking it as I also strongly believe in the placebo effect. If you think something is going to make it better then you relax and invariably you do get better.

I'll try it for a week.
Thanks for the help Meg.

15-06-05, 10:33
It could be the thought of taking them that is giving you all the side-effects Alton, that is how I felt when I took Cipramil.
SJW can take a few weeks to kick in, so be patient and I hoe they help you like they helped me.

Take care


09-07-05, 16:37
Hi South
I've been taking SJW for 2 weeks, no side affects so far, no benefits either! I'm going to stay with them a bit longer. Like more "synthetic" SRI's they can take several weeks to work, if they work at all. They do interfere with alot other drugs though, so you should bear this in mind and ideally get advice from your doctor [8D]