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11-06-05, 16:10
Feeling pretty poo today.

Didnt sleep well, and just keep thinking about what the proffessor said to me 'well what do you do all day'. (my post yesterday explains it all)

I just feel like crap - I wish I could go out when and where I want, and be able to work like i used to, but the agrophobia/enxiety prevents me - im not stuck in all day every day, but am a far cry from being able to do what I used to.

Im just so hurt by his words and cant seem to shake them from my mind.

Im not a lay about. But i cant help thinking now that this is what people will think of me.

My boyf has noticed today im not too good, but ive not said its because of what was said to me yesterday at the hospital, as im now scared that he will start thinking what the proffessor thinks and said too.

Ive tried putting it behind me but all i can hear in my head is his words form yesterday and its getting me down.

Tatty B xx

11-06-05, 16:17
hi Tatty,

It's very normal that what he said has hurt you. It will take a few days for you to get over that. We aren't able to forget that quickly!! No one here thinks you are a lay about. You are a lovely person - remember that!!

Sarah :D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

11-06-05, 17:56
Hi Tatty

Sorry you are still feeling low today. It is natural to feel hurt by what was said to you by the hospital consultant yesterday, but he was just completely insensitive and obviously doesn't understand what it is like to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Your boyfriend I am sure would not agree with the consultant if you were to tell him why you feel down. That was just one person's opinion and is a typical response of someone who has no understanding of these problems.

Try not to dwell on it. Put it behind you. The imporant thing is that you know you are doing all you can to recover from this and we are all behind you all the way.


It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.

11-06-05, 17:58
Yes tatty take no notice, he may have brains to be a professor but his bedside manner stinks to upset you that much, nobody thinks bad of you on here.
have a relaxing night, open a bottle of wine with boyfriend or just do nowt, I wont say ignore it because i know its not that easy but you only have tomorrow then you can discuss it, Love Alexis,xx

11-06-05, 19:50
hi tatty,
god, what a ****. there are so many old fashioned doctors out there who don't seem to accept mental health issues as being valid. i know it's easier said than done but just ignore everything he said. i'm sure your boyfriend won't agree with the professor bloke. it might help to have a chat with him and get it off your chest.
i've found it's always made me feel better talking to therapists rather than doctors - my local gp was absolutely useless and basically just told me to get some sleep and chin up!
have you got a freeview box on your telly? you could be watching big brother 24/7 lol!
henri x

11-06-05, 21:11
Hi Tatty,

A big hug to you hun. Of course you are bound to feel down after what he said to you I would to hun. Please try not to take it to heart mate none of it's true and he doesn't know you at all! He was just being a pompous prat.

I hope you feel better soon

Take care,

Love Pip's X X

11-06-05, 21:39
Hope you feeling bit better Tatty no big brother 24/7 , haha henri, that would be enough to drive anyone mad, maybe we should get the professor to watch it 24/7 as a punishment for being awful to tatty. Love Alexisx

11-06-05, 21:52
Hi Tatty,
We know you, he doesn't, please try not to let some prof. drag you down, he might be good as what he does, did he get a degree in being diplomatic, i think not, take care mate xxxxx