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06-11-08, 18:10
I went to see my psychiatrist yesterday and he has said that if I relapse again he will add in duloxetine or effexor. I have no experience of either. Effexor is well voiced on here but duloxetine isn't. Does anybody have any experiences of this drug good or bad. Unfortunately I will relapse again but I'm not miserable about it. It will happen it is just a matter of whe n even if I try to prevent it.

06-11-08, 18:27
google it and read up on wikipaedia. Very helpful information there. Good luck to you. I'm struggling to come off effexor, not a picnic!

06-11-08, 22:00
It does not give you a personal view. Have already looked on wikipedia.

24-11-08, 09:55
I'm sorry i have no experience with that drug. You may wish to request it in a section for the meds and see if anyone posts anything. That could be your best bet. When i had questions and things to say about effexor i requested a special area for it and now its gotten a bit of a following and lots more info.

Also was there a part you were asking specifically like withdraw or just general info about duloxetine?

24-11-08, 10:08

I was on duloxetine for 2.5 years and had no problems at all. I have had to change only due to the fact that my GP told me I couldnt get pregnant on the drug.

I would loved to have stayed on duloxetine as it suited me very well.

Good luck xx