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02-06-03, 13:56
Hi I have just recently begun with panic attacks - had virus which made me very low and with bereavements last year and the thoughts this year of what happened last year I think this has maybe started these attacks off - doctors are useless really but ahve put me on beta blockers - does anyone know more about these? never used them before any thoughts would be appreciated



10-06-03, 16:53
Hi Robert,
I am taking beta blockers at the moment, they work by reducing the effects of anxiety, for example when you are feeling panicky they slow your heartbeat so you don't get the feelings of palpatations or breathlesness. The only side effect I have had is that I am very thirsty but that is also a symptom of the anxiety. They have helped me a lot
When I was first prescribed them I became anxious over the side effects listed on the packet so didn't take them, when I went back to the doctor complaining that i had had a few funny spells he said it was the anxiety and knew straight away i had not been taking them, since then I have taken one every day. they are not like anti depressents they don't alter your thoughts at all they work more on surpressing the symptoms you experience when having an attack.
If there is anything you want to ask me anything e mail me.

11-06-03, 17:03
I only had one Beta blocker once and ended up in hospital the next day - they should NOT be given to asthamtics. Pity the doc who prescribed them didn't check my notes.

There is some info on my site about them too - go to www.nomorepanic.co.uk/betablockers.htm



07-07-03, 18:47
Hi Robert:

As regards beta blockers many Doctors have a habit of prescribing the older blockers such as Atenolol these are usually prescribed in fairly high dosages such as 50 mg, 100 mg daily. These older blockers have a nasty habit of producing some unwanted side affects. If your Doctor insists on blockers try to get him to prescribe some of the newer blockers such as Bisoprolol, these are taken in much smaller doses and so produce fewer side effects.



08-07-03, 12:25
Hi Nick

It was atenolol that I had too - a few people have told me that they have undesirable side-effects so thanks for the info :-)