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13-06-05, 13:38
Has anyone heard of a non-prescription drug called Seredyn. Saw it on a website and apprently it relieves panic. I will ask my GP tonight about it but just wondered if anyone had heard of it and if it is any good.

13-06-05, 13:42
Sorry Alton - no I haven't heard of it although it will be interesting to see if your GP has.

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13-06-05, 14:07
Hi Alton

I have heard of it. There are 3 products by the same people; Amoryn, Seredyn and Mellodyn. They are basically derivates respectively of St Johns Wort, Passion Flower, and Valerian. You are supposed to take Amoryn every day to reduce depression and anxiety, take Seredyn when needed for panic and anxiety, and take Mellodyn at night to help you sleep.

In one way they are good because they contain a "standardised" amount of each of the active ingredients, so you are sure you're getting the right amount of St Johns wort for example in each dose. But on the other side of the coin, they can be a very expensive way of getting a herbal treatment that you could get cheaper when not branded with a funky name.

I tried Amoryn for 6 weeks but it did nothing for my anxiety, but that doesn't mean Seredyn will do nothing for you. I have found that the Mellodyn (which contains Valerian) is gradually helping me to sleep better after being on it for 3 weeks.

The key thing is that these things need to be taken for about 1-2 months to be sure if they are doing anything for you.

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13-06-05, 14:14
Thanks for the info. Thats really useful.


02-04-10, 14:09

Yes I have tried it and it is the only thing that worked for me. It is not available in the UK though and you have to get it on the internet. However, I did see it on Ebay but it is a bit more expensive from that person. It does work though.