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12-11-08, 21:29
Hi all,

I have my first session of CBT in a week. Has anyone else here been and can anyone tell me what to expect? I have been to counselling before and was wondering how different this would be. I have looked it up on line but it more gives me clues as to how this can help not people experience on it.


12-11-08, 23:38
Ive done CBT and for me it was focused around changing thought patterns and at the same time changing behaviour patterns. Its about reprogramming the way your mind works and learning to think positively so you will feel positive. It was a life changing experience for me though I did find it difficult at times and felt like giving up. These are the times to watch out for when you have to push yourself to keep going, but do because it is worth it. It can be hard at times because you have to confront some of your demons but unlike counselling it does not focus on what has happened in the past but focuses on how to change your behaviour patterns, like a retraining programme.

Good luck with, if I can help any more, let me know.


13-11-08, 21:11
Hey Jane,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Its good to hear when someone has a good result and things help.

I am looking forward to it and only have a week. Hopefully this will help