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Twin Galaxies
13-11-08, 13:20
Hi on the 1st of dec i have a upper GI endoscopy and a consultation with a thoracic dr has any been thru a endoscopy as i read the risk leaflet and im worried sick now :( please help thanks

13-11-08, 14:30
Hi There
I had an upper GI undoscopy under general anaesthetic last January. It didn't take long. The surgeon spoke to be beforehand and explained the complications but reassured me by saying that he had proformed the same operation thousands of times and had NEVER encountered any complications.
Try not to worry, it will be over before you know it. The worse bit for me was waiting for the results. He took a biopsy but I was lucky and everything was ok.]
Good Luck x

13-11-08, 14:54
I had an upper endoscopy without sedation, never read the leaflet (I know I should know better being a nurse). They thought I might have a hiatus hernia. Apart from retching a few times it was OK.

Don't worry about it when I had mine there were loads of people having it done.

13-11-08, 15:10
hi there,

i had an upper endoscopy a couple years back, just with some throat spray and it was okay, i'd get it done again and not worry about getting it done. everything will be okay and dont worry about it you'll be fine, but let us know how you get on xx

13-11-08, 17:31
Hi there
I had two endoscopies last year without sedation. At worst I'd say it was slightly uncomfortable. It struck me as a very routine procedure which lots of other people were having at the same time as me. An ulcer was diagnosed in my case but it . healed in no time with medication. I'm sure you'll be just fine

13-11-08, 18:38

I've had 3 endoscopies carried out over the last 6 years, each time I chose to be sedated (I think I was given a small dose of diazepam). It kind of makes you feel like you've had a few drinks (ha!ha!) and I can't remember too much about any of the procedures. It was a bit uncomfortable having to swallow the tube but the nurses were great & helped me. The next thing I remember was waking up in the ward & getting a cup of tea & some toast. I had a bit of a sore throat the next day but just took paracetamol for it.

I was diagnosed with acid reflux which has flared up on and off. I take tablets & try to eat sensibly and manage stress levels as best as I can!!

The leaflet you get to read when the appointment comes through can seem a bit daunting with so much information. If you need to you can phone up the endoscopy unit & maybe speak to one of the nurses there to put your mind at rest.

By the way, my hubby is a nurse and he says lots of people are having endoscopies these days. When I was in the ward it was amazing to see the age range of patients coming in, from young to old. Try not to worry. I'm sure that you will be ok. Thinking of you & take care.

Baggie X :)

Twin Galaxies
13-11-08, 21:37
thanks for everybody's help means alot i feej much better after reading ajj your comments:D