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17-11-08, 23:52
Hello all,

I was put on Seroxat when I was about 17, after having been on Citalopram for a while to no avail. I can honestly say before going on Seroxat I had no inclination towards self harm, however I started doing this regularly whilst on Seroxat. It took me the best part of a year to come off it, during which time I had the most horrendous headaches and suicidal thoughts. I would literally have to make emergency appointments at Doctor's away from home in order to get more pills if I hadn't taken any away with me.

When I did finally manage to come off it I was put off going back onto any kind of anti-depressant for several years. Eventually I went onto Prozac but have to say even now I will do all I can to avoid taking that as I don't want to become dependant upon them.

I think Seroxat probably works for some people but agree that it should certainly not be given to younger people.


18-11-08, 00:04
hi venoms - i was put on seroxat aged 19, am 31 now - was on it for 6 yrs and a have to say it was amazing for me but came off as no longer wanted to be on tablets and thats when i suffered -i have not been the same person since - in some ways would like to go back on it but never would as i think it changed me -

18-11-08, 00:22
Hello Bab, it's good that it worked for you and I'm sure that it has worked for a lot of people. I was put on it - and came off it - years before all the media hype surrounding it kicked off. I suppose there's no way of knowing how some pills will affect you. I'm thinking of going onto Lustral but would really rather not be on anything but sometimes you just have to take that bit extra help

21-11-08, 16:21
I too was on Seroxat for about 12 years.
I am now off them (what a nightmare...) but I'm totally changed, and cannot continue living in this way.
I'm so reluctant to re-start anything, but do have a prescription for Lustral.
Because of my fear re weight gain and going back on meds I have not taken them yet.
Would be interested to hear how you get on venoms...or indeed anyone else.