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18-06-05, 13:49
Hi all does anyone else have a problem with the heat especiall when its muggy It makes me claustraphobic and very panicky. Every time i go outside my head goes funny and my eyes feel funny like i,m not seeing clearly all my family are here and we are having a barbecue tonight and theres me stuck in the house feeling very sorry for myself instead of enjoying the sun I am so sick of always feeling scared. How do i cope with this heat phobia can anyone give me any tips

Luv BARB xx.

18-06-05, 14:14
hi Barb,

Have moved the post here - hope you don't mind. No one could reply in the other place.

I also hate when it's muggy. It makes me feel like I can't breathe. Drink lots of water and try to enjoy the BBQ. Chat to people and have a laugh and you'll soon forget about it..

Sarah :D

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18-06-05, 14:16
hi Barb,

by tonight it will have cooled down somewhat and the light wind will pick up and i'm sure it will be quite pleasant. take a deep breath of that cool wind, long slow breaths and keep calm.. i'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.. distract yourself if need be.. make the salad or help with the bbq or keep topping up drinkies..

have a lovely time,

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18-06-05, 14:19
yeah i'm with seh here i hate the heat and avoid it as much as i can but i really do enjoy spending time in it as well as it makes you freel happy keep you self busy and drink water and enjoy bbq as it will be fun!

18-06-05, 14:21
Thanks Lisa and Sarah. Thanks for the tips I will try to distract myself and keep cool, (very hard though)!!

Barb x

18-06-05, 15:29

I actually started a post like this last night but never got to complete it before I went to bed.

I can understand how you feel cos I am exactly the same!

Yesterday we had a NoMorePanic meet up at Alton Towers and it was a warm day. At one point I started to get panicky cos I was basically overheating and was feeling really light-headed and thought I was going to pass out. It was horrible because I couldn't find anywhere to get out of heat.

The 'guys' that were with me were great, gave me something to eat (I already had loads of water) and found me some shade to sit in.

I got over the panicky feeling but was still too hot for the rest of the day. I was sweating so much my hair was wet with it. When I post the pics up you will see what a mess I looked lol.

Today I am the same but not as panicky cos when I get really hot I go and sit in the car with the air-con on. I have been out and about and it is very warm out there today and doesn't seem to be much of a breeze atall.

Open all the windows in the house to let what little breeze there is blow through. Also I have a fan next to the bed and that is on all night to cool me.

I have just had a cool shower and it was lovely. I am sure I will be having many more later on.

Try to sit in the shade as much as you can tonight and have a cool shower before everyone comes and sit still as much as possible so you don't run around getting overheated.

I just went and bought some stuff called "Magicool". You spray it on your face and body to cool you down. Hmmmm - not too impressed. It cost 4.99 for a can and does cool you down as it is a fine mist of something that cools you. However about 5 mins later I was just as hot and sweating! Alex tried it and wasn't overly impressed either. I am sure I could get the same effect from spraying myself with water.

I hope tonight goes ok for you.

If anyone has any ideas on why some people overheat more than others I would be interested to know cos I have always been a HOT person and even in the winter I like the back door open.


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18-06-05, 15:35
I think the same as the others, drink lots of water and and keep occupied to take your mind off things. You never know you might enjoy it.
I hate the weather too when its hot and stuffy.

Good luck with tonight and you will be fine...

All the best

Feel free pm me if you want to chat

steno -x-

18-06-05, 15:56
I've had to do a lot of running around in the car this morning. Only got a bog standard Ford KA, so no air con!! Had the cold blower on but the air was boiling [8D]

Anyway, when I got home I opened all the windows plus the back door and have stayed in the house all afternoon. Much cooler.

The muggy heat always gives me a funny head too but by tonight, and the BBQ, it should have cooled down a bit and be more pleasant. I never sit in the direct sun, always in the shade.

Oh Nic, I was going to buy some of that "Magicool", think I will just fill a mister with tap water and use that!

Hope tonight goes well for you, Barb

Love Kate x

18-06-05, 16:44
Thanks everyone, i went out to a garden centre and to my daughters and Nics right the best place was in my car with the air con on. Now i have just got to get through tonight

Luv Barb xxx

18-06-05, 18:39
Hi Barb

I'm with you I hate it as well.


18-06-05, 18:53
Hi Barb,
we to are having a bbq shortly, the heat really does not agree with me, i suffer with hot flushes anyway, so treble that and wow!!!!! i firstly explain to people what my prob. is (i don't want sympathy, just understanding) all windows open, hair tied up, flowing skirt, vest top, water spray for face, run cold tap on wrist, ice cubes on back of neck, hand held fan, i have gone past the stage of caring...........and i look a right mess!!!! but i will survive the bbq and so will you, speak soon. p.s. very naughty but a couple of beers too????????? xxxxxxxxx

18-06-05, 21:25
Hi Barb,

How did the BBQ go in the end? Hope you enjoyed it

Feel free to PM me, if you want to talk.

Emma xx

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20-06-05, 13:53
Hi Barb,

Hope it all went well at the BBQ?

Tatty B xx

20-06-05, 15:24
Hi All

Well the best i can say about the bbq is i survived. I was so exhausted after going to the garden centre and to my daughters (both acheivments as i am agoraphobic) and in the dreaded heat as well that i really needed a nap but didnt have time. SO prepared what i could and just popped in and out as it was only family they understood. Had a shandy which just about finished me off. Then i had to baby sit my 2 year old grandaughter so i didnt do bad even though i felt like death.
Next time i willbe more organizised as there will be plenty more.

Luv Barbxxx

20-06-05, 15:29
Sounds like it was a real success for you Barb.

Well done


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20-06-05, 15:30
Well done. What a big achievement...
Hope the weather is a bit cooler for you tday.

All the best

Feel free pm me if you want to chat

steno -x-

20-06-05, 18:21
Well done Barb


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20-06-05, 19:14
I absolutely hate the heat, I have window open and fan on right through winter and although my fet nose and hands may be cold, my face and neck and chest are always bright red... I hate it....

I dont know why but I have managed to asociate being hot with pending doom, and am convinced my overheating will case me to have a heart attack. This sets off the panic , makes me hotter, the adrenalin kicks in and Im even more convinced.....

Then it passes and I feel rather rediculous..

Glad there are others like me out there x

20-06-05, 20:36
I havenmt been on here in a while but i just wanted to say well done for getting out at all in the heat! very impressive! I get the same as you- my head feels funny, i get so hot and my eyes seem to be blurry constantly. I was thinking it was just me! Glad you did so well.
Take care of yourself

Em xxx

21-06-05, 14:15
Hi Barb,
You did it and that's good, next time you will do it and maybe enjoy????
It is very difficult, i know, and to look after your 2 year old grandaughter, phew!!!!!! I tend to try to prepare everything possible in advance, set up the garden beforehand, sitting down in between, and then say ' ok you lot, you can take over now, i've done my bit' they are mainly family that i have round too, so they tend to enjoy and take over, thank goodness, piles of washing-up next day, but who cares???

05-05-06, 18:13
Hi Barb and Carlin
Phew - some other sufferers - I thought I was the only one who felt faint and dizzy and claustrophobic int he heat - I upset everyone at work coz I want the shop doors open all day - even when its only a bit warm and Ive even bnought a fan for my counter at work - I hate feeling breathless,hot and dizzzy so understand you all completelyl. Sometimes I rush off to the loos at work and drip cold water on my feet and down my neck to cool down!!! I am menopausal so get hot flushes anyhow which means I hate may to september with the heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a relief to know that there are others of you out there with this prob. Keep well.Wenjoy x