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20-06-05, 16:26
hve been taking both these drugs for a short period of time. The beta blocka has successfully lowered my heart beat so that I feel slightly less like Im about to die, but I am still feeling the effects of the cipralex.

I have a headache and dizziness as well as having had extreme anxiety, papatations and rougue pains in my back, under my breast, in my shoulder ....in fact allover the place.

Is anyone else taking this combination? if so how are you feeling?

Also if you have a health anxiety would love to hear your story, PM me if you feel exchanging stories might help.


20-06-05, 18:26
hi Jo,

I have only been on Cirpalex in the past but my boyfriend was on Cipralex and beta-blockers in the past and he didn't have any problems. It was only for a short while though. Have you asked your doctor about it?

Sarah :D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

20-06-05, 18:35
I think after reading other postings that I really just ned to give it time to settle down. Its just hard not knowing whats the drug and whats anxiety !!!!

Thanks though.

20-06-05, 20:40
Yeah best to wait a while and see how you feel then. It does take a while for your body to get used to the meds..:D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

20-06-05, 22:23
hi I am on cipralex too but not beetablockers, I was a little more anxious when i first started them but nothing noticable.

21-06-05, 11:36
My doctor said I had to give it time... which Im doing. It is getting easier, but the heat doesnt help. Thanks Sarah and gang!! x

21-06-05, 11:37
I meant SEH not Sarah obviously !!!!

21-06-05, 12:02
Hi Cinders

I have had all the symptoms you describe, but have not been on any prescribed medication. As your Dr says, you must give the medication time to work which shpuld alleviate t=your symptoms.

Take care

Elaine x