View Full Version : Chat room issues?

01-12-08, 04:40
Just posting a reminder that if you have an issue in the chatroom that you feel needs to be addressed please contact an admin.
Please DO NOT post about it on the forum OR confront the member in chat as it only causes more problems.
Remember that when the admins investigate an issue we will be reading the chat logs so if you are aggressive or verbally abusive to a member regardless of what he/she has said you too may be penalized!
Also if an incident does occur please make a note of the time of the incident it would help alot.
Thanks :)

22-12-08, 23:51
Awwwww what's all this rubbish going on in the chatroom back in my day ( yes old lady mode lol) it was always really good fun!

Be nice peeps or i'll ask to become an admin! Argh run away now haha

23-12-08, 00:02
Hey maxine,

In my experience the chatroom is a fun place and a great source of friendship and support although difficulties can occur with every situation. Bless the mods and Admin for keeping this facility available for us all.


23-12-08, 13:56
Hey Lynn,

I'm only winding them up lol.

There's always going to be the occasional bit of drama when there are so many different kinds of people wandering in and out.


28-12-08, 15:28
Is the chat room logged?

28-12-08, 15:36
Yes it is.