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04-12-08, 12:09
Hi - i have been having loads of skipped beats for the past three months. I have had a full range of blood tests and an ecg. Nothing was found. My doctor has referred me for a 24 hour monitor fitting. Just wondering if anyone else has had this test done - not sure what to to expect. This is starting to really affect my life. I get the sensations on a daily basis and it's really frightening - i am convinced there is something wrong with my heart. My ecg showed a slightli slow heart beat - 57 bmp and i have low blood pressure so my doctor was unable to prescribe beta blockers - i just wish there was a magic pill to take it all away!

I have read that magnesium has help alot of people so i am going out to buy some now! I have also ordered some 5-htp which i read about on this site - not sure if i can take both together but will post a tread and see what people say.
It's nice to see that oher people suffer with the same thing! I felt like i was the only one!


04-12-08, 12:34
My o/h's mum had this test a few years ago when she was in her 70's. She went to the doctor and they tested her heart and sent her by ambulance right away to hospital and she was in a couple of days and then they sent her home with one of these monitors. She is on some tablets now but she is is nearly 81 now and fine.:)

04-12-08, 20:21
hi yes iv had this tape they put leads on your chest and u wear a recorder around ur waist very small u wear it for 24hrs then take it back iv had loads of skiped beats they found nothing on mine put it down to stress they went away after that

Cathy V
04-12-08, 20:45
Yes ive had loads of these 24hr holter tests over the years. Had skipped beats on and off for the last 33 years also...sorry! Im still here and nothing is wrong with my heart. Had another exercise test with the cardio in june and all is still ok. Unfortunately, adrenaline can effect some of us in this way, its how the heart reacts to it, just as some people get migraines and other a 'funny' tummy, some of us get wonky heartbeats. Some people get all three!

Having said that, skipped beats can also be connected to stomach problems, via the vagus nerve. If this nerve is irritated then it can affect the heartbeat, but again its nothing serious, just an irritation, and so for some people it settles down if they take ant-acids or similar...I kid you not!

These skipped beats are uncomfortable and scary, but believe the docs when they say they are not serious in your case, the cardiologists usually know the difference between benign and real heart problems. Try not to worry, and please try not to let them take over your life as they did mine.

Take care
Cathy xxx

04-12-08, 23:42
yeah I had mine on for 7 days! but I do have a heart condition so thats why. PM me if you have any questions. xxxx

Cathy V
05-12-08, 01:09
Sorry Louise, was trying to make you feel better not worse. Ok, some people do have heart problems for real ok? but that doesnt mean you do. Like I said, the docs usually can tell the difference. Hopefully your 24hr reading will be fine.

Take care anyway...xxx

05-12-08, 09:05
Oh and Louise, just to point out, I didn't have mine on for 7 days & then they found a heart condition, I was born with mine. I only posted incase you had any questions about heart monitoring tests as I have had all of them under the sun!!! Cathy is right, the Docs can tell the difference & if yours all come back as clear, believe them!!!! xxxxx

29-12-08, 01:25
:flowers: I'm waiting to have a 24 hour moniter too, and it scares the hell outta me, I'm so scared I have something wrong with me, it's hard to think that all the missed beats are harmless. I also know that I can't go on like this though,so I will be pleased to ge it over with, cos at the minute I am half afraid to move, so sure I'm gonna drop down dead.
Good luck with your test Louiseyoko.:hugs:

29-12-08, 02:55
I had two fitted in the space of six months, two because I did'nt beleive the results of the fisrt one. I had a massive panic attack while wearing it the second time and I was convinced that this time they would find something, it came back normal... I'm glad I had the test I do'nt worry so much about it now.:flowers:

Getting back to me
20-02-13, 18:17
I am as we speak currently wearing the device and can report that it isnt painful or particularly uncomfortable ,though I suspect I wont sleep too well with it on as after all its abnormal to be wired up with a battery pack on ,but to be fair the recorder is rather small so not anticipating any major disturbance .
The way I have looked at it is that if it shows a normal reading then thats a bonus and if it does show anything abnormal then surely its better to know now rather than later when it may be untreatable . Good luck with yours but like a huge percentage of people having this test I suspect you will be fine.

13-03-13, 21:30
Hi I had one just over two weeks ago the only problem I found was one of the 3 sticky pads come off and my mum stuck it back on with some surgical tape
It is pain less and takes them about five mins to put on and take off and you have 3 sticky pads on your chest and abdomen
And yoy can't bath or shower but that's all

Also just something for you to bear in mind apparently my results will take
8 WEEKS to come through so don't think that you will get the results straight away

Frosty x