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23-06-05, 20:06
hi when i was around 23 i had a flu and from then on i suffered with panic attacks althouhg i didnt know what it was.... went to the doctor almost everyday and worked to pay the doctor in england as i was ilegal there. After a yr i insisted on seeing a specialist in harley street, he was a kind elderly doctor who explained to me what it was. He told me it was like pulling a cars choke and that it over floods and thats ow a panic attack starts. He put me on valium and told me to take 3 times a day for a short while, after that just knowing they were in my bag without taking them made me feel beter.I havent had any untill 20yrs later, then we moved to a new house in cyprus from england and slowly they started again and got worse i was so upset i wanted to kill myself..im also a alternative therapist and have tried many things... i saw in the paper a course on dowsing and went to it, it was really good and the teachers came to my house to dowse and after 2 days my panic attacks disappeared and i feel absolutely great:D you can email them for more info and help steppingstones8@btopenworld.com
YOU may have panic attacks because of geopathic stress or electromagnetic disturbance in your home and the above email may help for this.
Good luck
take care Ingrid x