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24-06-05, 16:26
Hi everyone i have found a new supplement that is hebal and is

apparently medically proven to combat stress and anxiety. Fast acting,

non-addictive and free from the side effects associated with prescription


Why not take the stress test while visiting

the site...

Hope you find it helpful

The web address is:


(if anyone does try it please make sure with your Dr that it is ok to take

with the medication you are on now)

All the best

Feel free pm me if you want to chat

steno -x-

24-06-05, 19:33
Sounds too good to be true..

Are you going to try it Steno?

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

24-06-05, 20:04
Its been around for a while now and has mixed reviews .

As with most things its worked really very well for some people but not others


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24-06-05, 20:38
Thanks for that Steno.

I'll look into it.

Take care,

Love PIP'S X X

24-06-05, 20:42
Hi there,
i visited the site, and according to the stress test, i'm hardly stressed at all???mmmmmmmmmm not too convinced, and after many years would need a lot of convincing they were not out to make a lot of money please don't take offence, it's just that i'm a bit sceptical of these types of herbal meds. don't shout at me anyone!!!

25-06-05, 11:06
Hi Seh,
I onna gonna try it til sum1 else duz... lol

I think its too good to be true but I thiught that it would be
useful if anyone wants to try it...If it were that good every1 would know about it...
I anna taken offense

All the best

Feel free pm me if you want to chat

steno -x-

25-06-05, 11:14
The test said I'm not stressed either [:O]!!!!

Kate x

26-06-05, 09:05
maybe not such a good idea after all [V]

All the best

Feel free pm me if you want to chat

steno -x-

26-06-05, 10:08
Me either Kate!!

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

26-06-05, 10:24
Or me, I wish, Love Alexis,x

26-06-05, 17:32
Nope I,m not stressed either.

As if? :(:(