View Full Version : Whats the difference between depersonalisation & derealisation??

16-12-08, 17:44
Hi, what is the difference between these to and what are the symptom differences. i feel not real as a person and i dont know what is real anymore so which of these am i suffering from? and still cant see how things can become real again after not being able to feel real for so long. and also no matter how strong each dp or dr gets will you still be able to function normally?? (well as normal as we can!!)

16-12-08, 19:03
Hi Cheeky, I am not sure of the difference but I can assure you that we can become real again as I have been here before and have ALWAYS got completely well again. It just takes acceptance instead of struggling against it and, as Claire Weekes says, letting more time pass. As for the DP/DR being strong and can we function normally, I admit that I have not been able to when its been at its worst but its not often reached that pitch. Its been bad but rarely that bad.