View Full Version : I am going to see a Neurologist today!

27-06-05, 15:08
I am going to see a Neurologist today and i am scared! I am hoping everything is ok with me! I keep getting light headed and a sharp pain in my head! Most days it feels like I am going to pass out! And I always have a lightness feeling in my chest! I just dont know what to do anymore!


27-06-05, 15:22
Ive been lightheaded and had headache every moring for the past few years - was convinced it was somthing bad but i dont think id be here now after all this time if it was!! Lol

I saw a neurologist and its nothing to be scared of - i had a few reaction tests.

Good luck - im sure youll be fine - let us know.

Tatty B xx

27-06-05, 15:30
Hi there,
I've seen a neurologist too - he did some reaction/reflex tests, then looked into my eyes, some co-ordination tests and then I had a CT scan.
let us know how you get on,

27-06-05, 16:26
hi there everything will be ok
let us know how you get on

take care

leanne (leo05)

27-06-05, 16:53
Good Luck and God Bless!



27-06-05, 23:07
Good luck hun I do hope it goes well for you.

Take Care,

Love PIP'S X X

28-06-05, 00:07
Well I went to the doctor and he said that it is just me thinking that there is something wrong and my brain is reacting! So he prescribed me Zoloft!

I am scared to take it!


28-06-05, 09:36
Whats zoloft? am glad that everything is ok, just goes to show the damage we can cause ourselves just by over-worrying.
Frankly am fed up with the whole charade!

Denni x

28-06-05, 09:58
I've had loads of tests done at the neurologist and all came back ok. They just want to make sure..Good luck!! :D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

27-08-16, 22:49
ive been there done that cat scan lumbar puncture had wires stuck to my head for 24 hours cant remember what the test was called, bloods done reactive tests the whole nine yards, everything was fine I could not believe it after feeling so ill, but it was and I am sure you will be fine to. Positive thoughts are coming your way.:hugs:

28-08-16, 09:37
Hi Lotus, you may not have spotted it, but the original post was back in 2005! Great encouraging post though, will definitely reassure others:)