View Full Version : What is the best time to take meds -Morning or Evening?

18-12-08, 14:13
I've been taking them at night and have had trouble sleeping even though clomipramine is said to make you tired etc. What do you think is the best time to take meds or is it completely individual to each of us??


18-12-08, 14:19
As prescribed by your gp.Mine have to be taken in the morning.When I started them they made me tired but it went off after a couple of weeks.

Some meds ahve to be taken at night if there to help you sleep

I would stick to what the gp has said or what is on the packet.

18-12-08, 22:00
I take mine before bed to help me sleep - but I always wake up at 3am grinding my teeth!

I've only taken them for 2 weeks, at first I felt so awful and could barely stand up, then I felt really good for a week, now I feel miserable again. All over the place really.

06-10-09, 23:35

I asked my GP if I should take them in the morning as I was waking up exhausted but he said definitely night time to minimise side effects which should wear off anyway. I understand that side effects for clomipramine can be uncomfortable for quite a while so I'm just trying to grin and bear it. On my 7th week and sleeping is much better so will see how it goes x

06-10-09, 23:37
I take mine in the morning, when I first started then I got awful side effects and found them easier to deal with being a wake than waking in the night not knowing what is happening. Im six weeks in now and side effects seem to have gone, but I do notice I'm tired mid day - not sure if the meds the anxiety or because I don't get a deep sleep each night..

18-07-10, 08:53
Many people take medications, but many are not aware that their drugs may be more effective if taken at certain times of day. I suggest your best option would be to talk to your doctor of the pharmacist where you get your meds that's the perfect solution.

18-07-10, 11:50
I started taking mine first thing in the morning but this didn't suit me as I would feel exhausted when I should be awake and at work.. I tried at night but that didn't work either as like you I found it difficult to sleep and my dreams exceptionally vivid.

I found that either just before lunch time or early afternoon seems best with me..it suited my working pattern and life.

I had changed from Citalopram to sertraline because of the excessive tiredness and headaches with them, I also seemed to get very down with them but I have now been off meds for 2 weeks I am okayish and the doctor didn't take me off them I just didn't have the money til pay day to get the prescription and not being paid until next friday so that wil be 3 weeks. I'm not saying I'm cured by any means but this is the first time that I am just about holding myself together and it has not been nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Will I take them again, who knows probably but I think we have to learn how these meds affect us physically and mentally and then when you realise the patten of them adjust them to suit your day... citalopram is a med that lifts your mood so just before bed I should think is a no no for sure.. good luck and let us know how you get on x

23-09-10, 13:05
Hey! I was just going to post a very similar post. I have just started taking them and have taken them at night and can't sleep! Aparently insomnia is one of the side effects....my doc told me side effects should wear off within a week so I'm gonna ride it out and see how it goes! xx