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27-12-08, 17:03
Hi, I have to have an endoscopy on the 30 dec. I was meant to have one 5 years ago. I had the throat spray but could not manage to swallow the tube. The docs were not very nice to me and made me feel pathetic.. Had been fine for the last 4 and half years. Need to have one now as I have had acid reflux for the last 5 months. I am terrified. I know I can have sedation, but not remembering anything is not the same as being knocked out. I have a friend who has had several of these an has told me that they just hold you down and do it and the sedative is meant to make you not remember. At the moment I just can't face it, I can't sleep I am so worried about it. I have even thought that maybe I should not have it done, surely if I had cancer it would be a lot worse by now????
Has anyone had one done?? What was it like ? Can I request extra sedation? I dont even think I will make it on to the bed at the minute.

27-12-08, 17:22
I have had IV sedation many times for teeth extraction, and if they have to hold you down, trust me, you won't care at all AND of course there is no memory of it either. You don't need 'extra' sedation - what they give you will be enough.

27-12-08, 17:51
I have had 2 endoscopies. You are right in that this is not general anesthesia but more of an amnesiac, you don't remember anything. However, you also don't know what's happening! I had a colonoscopy also with this and knew nothing. I was petrified about swallowing a tube and the dr. said "When I did your colonoscopy, did you know anything? Do you trust me?" and I said "Yes" and the next thing I knew I was in the recovery room. I have no memory of anything going down my throat, nothing and neither will you. Believe me, if the patient moved, there could be trouble and they won't risk that. You are out in Mars when they do this! We are lucky that they have this kind of sedation...I know I could not be awake for this! Please let me know what happens. I have totally lost my fear of this after two. You will be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!!

27-12-08, 18:20
I had an endoscopy just 2 weeks ago and I was scared beforehand too, but a good friend assured me it would be ok and indeed it was. I chose sedation and don't remember anything about the procedure at all. My husband said I was giggling when I was wheeled back to my bed, so can't have been that bad eh!

27-12-08, 18:40
I cant help you on this one, apart from wishing you luck and hope all is ok xx

28-12-08, 00:59
i have mine on the 12th jan, please let me know how it goes as i am so scared of gagging or choking on it! im having it done coz the doc said i have lumps in my throat and they have to rule out cancer! ive been having the worst symptoms with my throat... it feels like its closing up and makes me gag for no reason which scares the life out of me! i really want to know whats wrong but dont know how im going to cope with this! thanks and i hope it goes ok for you... if u do it,i will! x

28-12-08, 09:50
Thank you for all your support. I think I am most worried by the not remembering, I have been with my friend for endoscopy and you can hear people struggling and moaning and having problems with the procedure, NOT rembering what they have done to you is not the same as not being aware whilst they are doing it... I really don't think I can have this done at the moment. I may go to my GP tomorrow but I don't feel I trust the docs enough and once I am sedated I will have no control. I have a chronic cough and wheeze from Acid Reflux too. It is hideous that is why they give you something so you dont remember. I am not good with stuff a complete baby, I have bitten kicked and swore at more docs and dentists in my life than I care to count. I have cried and panicked and wept through the birth of my 3 children. I didnt just find child birth painful I was going to die it was so painful. I pass out if I have to have a filling at the dentist. I am so scared I will not be able to cope with this. I can see myself fleeing out of the room at first sight. Oh what to do I wish I was braver.

28-12-08, 16:12
NOT rembering what they have done to you is not the same as not being aware whilst they are doing it....

Well it is really - the result is exactly the same. Even if I was aware at the time, I certainly didn't remember it seconds later. If you have no recollection of an event, you cannot be traumatised by it can you.

28-12-08, 16:15
Hi Jannnne

I wish you luck and hope it all goes well for you

Carol x

28-12-08, 19:10
Its the thought of them doing something to me and being out of control to stop it.

28-12-08, 19:14
I had this done in february (both ends!!!)

Please take the sedation option.... you wont feel a thing, you wkae up have a cup of tea and go home by the afternoon!!!

Im mom had it without and said although it was copable, it was not pleasant

28-12-08, 22:04
Hi. I have not had this procedure done but have a feeling I'm going to have to have it done very soon. Please don't cancel...if the doctor has ordered this it is for a good reason. Besides if you don't have it done you may end up worrying about something being wrong anyway and sorry that you didn't have it done.

Have you ever been sedated before? It sounds like this is your first time. It sounds scary but really its no big deal. It's like you go to sleep and wake up. Whatever happens in the meantime...you won't care. I'm sure you won't punch the doctors or anything, as I said you probably aren't going to care what's happening to you.

I think I see what you are saying that you are kind of afraid that you are going to be awake in the moment and not like what they are doing and won't be able to stop it...as I said I haven't had the procedure but I'm pretty sure you will be relaxed and calm after they give you the sedative. Try to tell yourself that! Also, when you go in on the 30th, let the nurse or doctor know that you are feeling anxious about the procedure. Good luck, hun. I know you can do it!!

28-12-08, 23:04
u ever tried diazepam? my doc has given me some to take before i go! im gonna go and see what the doc at the hospital has to say! apparently they can shine a mirror in your mouth and see down your throat with that! try and go... remember that u dont have to do anything u dont want to do! good luck xx

29-12-08, 08:32
Thanks everyone for you very kind words. I have rung the hospital today and spoken to a nurse. She said I can give the the thumbs down if I want them to stop and they will make sure the sedation is working and will not try anything if I am not happy (they also told my friend all this before they held her down and did, on the grounds she would not remember, she does). I am going to go and see also going to my GP today to see if I can take anything in the meantime. They did say I could speak to my consultant about a general if I really needed to. I have been awake crying since 3 this morning, am worried my anxiety levels will be so high by tomorrow a hammer on the head wont calm me down.

29-12-08, 08:42
Hey Jane,

I spoke to my mother about this earlier after I had read your post. I asked her about when she had it done and the "option" of sedation. She said she didn't have an option she was simply sedated and doesn't know how they would expect anyone to have it done un-sedated?! Anyway...hopefully you can get sedated in which case she said its a breeze! You know nothing and just wake up and don't even realize its over :) Hope I was able to set your mind at ease a bit more!! Be sure to update us!! Good luck :hugs:

29-12-08, 14:01
What to do now, nice nurse at hospital told me it would all be ok and they would not hold me down (do I believe her). Saw my GP too, who told me to cancel it as I was not a good candidate and far too anxious also offered me 20mg of diazepam there and then as I was in such a state. A plan, I think I will go tomorrow and see how I get on, if I dont feel happy I will ask to see the consultant again, my GP said there are other ways to test for tummy troubles. What does everyone think???

29-12-08, 21:51
defo go and see what they say at the hospital, meet the doctor that way you can talk to him/her and see what they will do step by step! even if you dont go thru with it you will know what to expect next time you go! you do need to go sometime soon tho just to make sure everything is ok, will be thinking about you! they could also do a barrium swallow or maybe a scan but they wont do that for me in this country unsless i pay so not sure about the US! connie x

29-12-08, 22:12
Hiya :)

I had an endoscopy done a few years ago without sedation (my choice) as I wanted to be aware of what was happening to me!
Can I try and reassure you on something? Now you know that they have to pass the tube and have a look at what's going on down there, I can promise you that it would be practically impossible to do that on someone that was thrashing around! There are not enough people there to hold anyone down, i remember a total of three, the doc that passed the tube and gave me the throat spray (bleugh!) and a very sweet nurse who was by my head the whole time to ensure that I was ok. I was told to give a thumbs down if I was having any sort of problem, I was never given the impression that if I couldn't cope they would physically restrain me.
There was also a another medic that came in the room near the end of the procedure who I frightened the living daylights out of. :D
I laid very still while it was being done and immediately after the tube was removed, I sat up straight away, he thought I had been sedated and didn't expect me to suddenly move!
I sat in the waiting area for 10 mins (no cuppa for the unsedated:winks: ) but then left and went to the nearest cafe for some refreshment.
I do hope you are able to manage tomorrow, but if not, don't beat yourself up over it. I'm sure you can speak to your consultant and see what he/she advises.
Take care :flowers:

30-12-08, 03:44
Well its today, my appt is at 8.45am, cant sleep am really worried dont know what i will do yet. I am hoping they may let my hubby in with me. Oh god I am so scared of gagging, I still cry when I feel sick and vomit. I so wish I was braver and not so scared, cant swim wont risk lifting my feet up, cant ride a bike in case i fall off, do they really think i will be able to swallow a hose pipe of a tube and lay there peacefully????

30-12-08, 03:49
Ps I am in chat room if anyonw wants to keep me company,

31-12-08, 02:36
did you go? let me know how it went! hope your ok, connie x