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Boos Mum
27-12-08, 22:37

Would you buy it?

27-12-08, 22:45
I think it may heighten some anxieties, as those with HA will keep checking their heart!

Boos Mum
27-12-08, 22:47
I have SVT's, I thought maybe it would be reassuring :blush:

I'm still unsure, they scare me, hence the reason I'm here

28-12-08, 01:58
Definately not. We don't know how to interpret the results (unless you're a dr. or a cardiologist) and one error in interpretation and we could scare ourselves to death, especially with the heart? I do have a blood pressure machine because I need to keep an eye on it, many people do, but the whole checking thing is bad for us. We all really need to get to the point where we live like other people, myself included. They don't think about this stuff, they don't check anything. Easier said than done, I know...I am here for the same reason, but this machine, nope. It would hurt what we're trying to achieve...which is no more health anxiety and checking.

28-12-08, 02:11
I wouldn't want to try this on my own - I'm not a doctor or nurse and therefore I have no idea how to use these machines. I suffer from terrible HA, especially about my heart, but I don't think that a home ecg machine is a good idea. I do know that if you do not hook it up properly or if you move during the ecg, you may get a false reading. I'm not exactly sure how someone could administer an ecg on themselves. There would be too much room for error and that would certainly be of no comfort to me!

Boos Mum
28-12-08, 10:01
a cardiac nurse reads them for you over the phone, I had smaller version in the usa to document my svts, I found it useful, I guess cause I have so many SVT's

anx mum
28-12-08, 12:09
Didnt know u could buy them lol. Think it may make your anxiety worse. I bought bp monitor.

28-12-08, 12:15

I wouldn't buy one because it wouldn't do my anxiety any good at all I would be forever checking lol


06-01-09, 21:08
OMG didn't know you could buy those! A definate no no for people with HA!!

06-01-09, 22:43
No I just had a look on ebay - too expensive for me.
Would be tempted if I had the money.
PS can some one tell me what a SVT is, thanks.

19-01-09, 19:04
It would make me worse, if its possible:(
I bought a blood pressure machine and i check it constantly and worry everytime it goes up or down:weep:

I wouldn't do it

19-01-09, 19:13
lol i bought a bp machine to was the worse thing i coulda done! so i would say no! spes if your having a panic and getting palpertations or ectopics it would make you worse
although i have thought about getting one my self as my heart seems to be my main anxiety even though ive had all the tests!
and yeah what is STV? or should i not ask? lol might think i have it if ya tell me!
jo x

20-01-09, 06:10
But why would you want to?

I bought a Omron b/p monitor to keep an eye on my grown up children's blood pressure (their dad died of a heart attack when he was young)

I perhaps take it every few months but I know what to look for.

20-01-09, 06:55
SVT = supraventricular tachycardia

It's a particular type of tachycardia (fast heartbeat). It's pretty technical, probably useful for cardiologists but a bit impenetrable for everyone else.


Which is also the case, I believe, with home ECG machines. You really have to know your stuff for them to be of any use at all. And you'd worry yourself silly trying to interpret the results.

I was tempted to get a home blood pressure kit as I have consistently highish readings at the doctor's. But I'm always really nervous at the time so that's probably all it is. I'd just get obsessive about it if I got one.

20-01-09, 08:36
I dont even google so the chance of me buying any machine is zero and anyone else that buys one is just asking for trouble.
Where do you stop?

Bp testers
eye testers
cat scans

Please get a life and spend the money on a holiday.

If that sounds cruel so be it but it will only make a person worse.

spend the money on cbt, hypnotherapy or something that will help

05-03-09, 19:07
I think buying this machine would make your anxiety (and anybody's) worse. There is no need to have your heart electrical impulses checked continually unless in the context of critical/acute care.

05-03-09, 19:11
I think if i bought one of these id become a basket case....and same goes for the bp machine...a definite no for me

05-03-09, 23:25
A great big frothing tankard full of NO.

You would do nothing but check and re-check yourself then analyse every bit of data until you're convinced you've got a heart defect. If you're worried about your heart, see a doctor. Don't try to treat yourself unless you've been to uni for seven years and got a PhD in looking at ECG readouts.

17-08-09, 06:05
Actually they make them just for anxious people...lol

Really its funny I was on a doctors board the other day and saw a portable one but I think its really for people that come home from the hospital and need montoring. It wouldn't help me to have one I would be attached to it night and day.. :-)))))