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29-06-05, 21:07
hello everyone,

Just wanted to share a piece of advice with you all. Now you may not agree with me, but having dealt with the NHS for quite a while now, Ed (my boyfriend) and I have reached this conclusion: You have to tell your doctor what you want!! You could go to see your doctor complaining about dizziness, headaches, feeling low and depressed, etc and they won't tell you that you have anxiety/depression or give you a prescription. If you walk in there and say "I'm suffering from anxiety and I want to start anti-depressants today", they will write you out a prescription on the spot. As wrong and horrible as it may be, it seems to me that the NHS revolves around one notion: spending as little as possible. Because of this, if you don't demand, you don't get!! Therefore, when seeing your doctors, make sure that YOU tell THEM what you want. There are so many people on this forum who don't get the help from their doctor that they need/deserve and you shouldn't let them do this to you..

Sarah :D

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29-06-05, 21:17

I think this works if you are positive about what you want and explain why. I went to my doc and said "I would like some Diazepam for a cruise I am going on". He looked at my records and saw that I had never abused it (I even showed him that I had about 7 left from previous prescription 3 years earlier) and he happily prescribed it.

Maybe people from here could go in and say that they have seen others that suffer similar things and wonder whether anti-depressants will help.

I think it really depends on your doctor to be honest.


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29-06-05, 22:35
true Serah, my doctor gives me anything i want and will send me for any test I want. I had to tell her it was anxiety/depression she never told me. As you know Sarah the shrink gave me seroxat which i wouldnt take then my dox gave me prozac, then after seeing your results on cipralex I went and asked her for Cipralex which i got no problem. But this dont make a good doctor she dont understan and should check me out for things not just give me what i want? she is supposed to be the medical expert not me lol

29-06-05, 22:40
I think the problem is time. We get a 5 or maybe 10 minute appointment time - how can you possibly explain it all in 5 mins???

Sometimes they take the easy option to make up time and get rid of us !

I once asked for a double appointment cos I was having some skin tags removed and knew it would be at least 15 mins but they refused. The result - everyone behind me was then running 15 mins late!!!


"Nearly all happiness comes into our lives through doors we don't even remember leaving open"

29-06-05, 23:00
I'm lucky to have finally found a great doctor last year. The other doctors in my practice just said you've got anxiety whatever i went to them with, even if it wasn't anxiety related. One even told me that I had to take prozac or I'd have no hope of getting better! But then I found this wonderful lady doctor who had joined the practice. She not only helped me alot she fought to get my ME diagnosed (other doctors had dismissed it) and even went on a course to learn more anout ME herself.
She is always understanding if I'm anxious, never makes me feel silly. She'll listen to my suggestions on things but will also always do examinations if necessary or refer for tests if necessary. I am always in there 15/20 minutes as she is so thorough and interested in every aspect of my life. I am so lucky to have found her, she's one in a million.
The downside is my husband has applied for a job in a different area and if we move house I'll have to change doctors. Really doubt I'll find another like her.

30-06-05, 14:37
Hi there,
my last experience of doctors' was appx 3 years ago, felt i was at rock bottom, had just lost my dad, and felt so very low,anxiety at it's worst, plucked up courage to see doc(biggest fear of mine) he took blood pressure asked few questions, i suggested meds. and he said did i want to be put on tabs for 3 months and then he would spend the next 5 years getting me off of them.....very negative and as i'm not a fan of tabs anyway, i came away feeling very unhelped and unloved, picked myself up after that, had blips in between, as you all know, but still no meds. and no docs!!!!!

30-06-05, 19:51
the doctor I first saw back before Xmas when I was at my lowest was fantastic - hes not my registered doctor, but im so glad that my appointment was with him as he genuinely seems to care and listen to me, so now I have to see him each month - hes very easy to talk and and sympathetic without being patronising! He makes sure everything is ok on my tablets, talks about any hospital / psychiatrist appointment ive had etc and genuinly is a really good listener, doesnt dismiss what i say and really seems to understand. Explains everything about the meds im on and doesnt just try to send me off with a prescription to 'cure' it!

I really do think it depends on the doctor you get unfortunatly - It shouldnt be this way i agree, but thats just how it is :(

Tatty B xx

01-07-05, 16:33
i never feel confident enough to say what i always want but i write it down so that i can show them and talk through what i want to say about stuff

but its really good advice

thanks sarah

01-07-05, 18:35
i just wanted to post as just now as i was readin this the phone went and low and behold it was a dr from the surgery (not the one im registered with) the one who saw me a while ago.... he had heard about the problems i am having with my son etc and wanted to check i was ok and said to call in if i felt low!!!
i cant believe it so just wantd to say there are some very good doctors out there...although i know there arent many...

02-07-05, 23:18
All GPs now have standards of care they have to adhere to for all patients and as an addition there are strict guidlines for treatment of anxiety, panic and depression.

If you think you are not being treated correctly you can start by waving these guidelines at them or their practice manager or by filing a complaint.

We will be posting the guidelines specifics on the new site
(coming very soon) but meanwhile you can find them at www.nice.org.uk


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