View Full Version : Depersonalization

Boos Mum
28-12-08, 22:39
can someone tell me if I got this? I feel spacy, like i'm not really here alot

its annoying any ideas?

28-12-08, 22:57
That sounds like depersonalization to me. I have had this on and off for years. I know that it is only a tired mind, but some days I have a hard time dealing with it. The biggest trigger for me is lack of sleep. I am trying to get the rest I need, but is not always easy. I just keep telling myself that it is my minds way of protecting itself. I distract myself so that I am not focusing on it and it usually starts to go away.

28-12-08, 22:57
Hi hun

Yeah sounds like it to me. I get it quite alot too and it's very annoying. I also find myself day dreaming quite alot too! Do you get this?

Love Lisa

Boos Mum
29-12-08, 13:37
just feel really not here, lik its a movie

I need more sleep. tell the baby that :winks:

29-12-08, 13:58
Like a movie is very good, i feel it like that too.
Strange vision and sometimes i wonder were i am and things like that.

I have had alot of it, now it has disapeared and i hope it wont come back. It is not very nice feeling.

29-12-08, 14:00
Hi Boos mum, It sounds like depersonalisation to me too, or, as I call it, unreality. Go to the link below where you can read up about it. The website is great and the book, "At least a life" has been a good help to me too. I can recommend it.



29-12-08, 14:05
Hi feels_like_home, I have had a hard time dealing with the unreality too over the years. It is getting less though and I seem to be doing most things now, even though I am still not quite 100%. Tiredness makes a difference to me too. The other day in town I just kept telling myself it didnt matter and that it was only there to protect me.

Kids are home for another week yet and I want to go out this afternoon. They dont. I am not 100% confident of leaving them home alone together as they fight a lot and I would be worried about what would happen if I wasnt here. I can leave them home separately though - thats a different matter.