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01-07-05, 16:35
what do you think about tarot cards should i belive or not

01-07-05, 16:45
My own personal opinion is that they are a load of b******s. I don't believe in anything like that.

Kate x

01-07-05, 16:49
Ive never had it done.

I personally would not as I would read too much into what was told & that would make me even more anxious and give me even more to worry about!!

Tatty B xx

01-07-05, 17:26
I wouldn't believe in it either :D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

01-07-05, 19:11
I would be too scared.

I admit with the others that i would read into more than was actually said.

Why cause ourselves unnessary grief?

01-07-05, 19:18
Exactly Sue,

I worry about the future etc too much to then have extra worries planted in my brain!!

I wouldnt even consider having it done, I would not benifit at all from it.
My advise Leane was to not do it , but each to there own....you obviously have some reason for wanting to have it done??

Tatty B xx

01-07-05, 20:06
my opinion, NO, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

02-07-05, 11:51
I don't believe in tarot cards.

The people who read tarot cards have got only one gift,


02-07-05, 13:23
thanks all i will not have it done as i will only have it playing on my mind it just i really want to know if i have any good life ahead at all

03-07-05, 12:00

Our life is what we make it - tarrot cards will not tell you what life you will have - you have to be positive and make your own future.

Tatty B xx

04-07-05, 08:22
I don't believe in Tarot Cards but I do believe in Horoscopes.

Scooter Girl AKA Jade, Jade Loves Mike 4Eva x X x

04-07-05, 11:09
Ill be honest Im very much into the spiritual side of life, mediumship, clairvoyency etc, but when it comes to tarot cards, I also think its a load of C**P. Anyone can read into anything they want to. When you are down it is easy to believe something you think will give you the guidance you need. I do not believe tarot cards will give you this guidance. You have to be careful with anything like this, and not everyone or everything to do with this is genuine.

At the end of the day, its your decision and this is just my opinion

Take care

Feel free to PM me, if you want to talk.

Emma xx

Keep focused, keep positive.

04-07-05, 12:05
i have considered seeing a fortune teller etc for the same reason i just wanted someone to tell me my life would eventually be good... but i have now learnt that we can make our life how we want it... i know its hard work... but i agree with everyone else i would also worry about things they said to me...
but i have never thought about tarrot cards as i dont see how picking cards can tell you anything

04-07-05, 13:09
I have tried reading the Tarot Cards and they have been perfectly right for me.

feel free to PM me

kitty xux

04-07-05, 13:34
I'm sorry I am confused.
How can anyone tell us what is going to happen in the future when it hasn't happened yet?
I have never understood otherwise sane, logical, rational people beleiving that this can be done.
Every single action, thought and emotion we have effects the future - whether it is 10 minutes from now or 10 years. No one can predict that.
If you want your future to be a happy one then start planning and make it happen. Only you hold the power to do that and once you have that plan you will see that your life can be good and happy. Plus you will have the satisfaction that you did it yourself.

04-07-05, 17:32
thanks for your opinion alton