View Full Version : What comes after CBT?

02-01-09, 20:30
I know it's a bit soon and defeatist to be thinking like this as I've only been for 2 CBT sessions and I'm really trying to be open to it and positive but what if CBT doesn't work? I really hope it will work or help in some way but I have the feeling it won't for me! What comes after CBT? Or is that it? I've been for just the normal councelling sessions and I've also tried hypnotherapy (was with a tape though so it might be worth looking into to be done by a professional). Are there ane other sorts of therapy available? Thanks

02-01-09, 23:39
CBT To me is a continuing process of fine tuning so as to being finished,yes I think there was a time of huge blocks of fear I got over,but I use it every day in little bits here and there.

02-01-09, 23:43
A thousand apologies for this...but the answer to your question is..... DCU...

And on a more sensible note, I agree with rainwave - it's an ongoing thing than you can keep drawing on. I've got some more appointments starting next month( which I'm kinda drading but there ya go...) but I often try to draw on stuff that I first came across many years ago...

And..it does help, it can help... try to be positive about it and give it a fair crack - after all, no matter what, it's better than not trying isnt it!