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04-01-09, 12:01
You know, it dawned on me the other day, having read various forums,
that so many of us are slaves to our emotions, and on various meds to
help us cope......there are probably as many people on meds as not these
days...yet we all still feel ashamed of owning up or talking about our issues.....perhaps it us us that are really in tune with our emotions, and need to fine tune them with medication....and it is the emotionally remote,
who breeze through life not experiencing lifes rich tapestries of ups and downs, merely meandering along a road of contant nothing......maybe I envy this, but the litle quirks that these illness' give our personality make us special, yes....

04-01-09, 20:47

I am sorry I have to disagree with what you are saying. The amount of people who take meds are in the minority.

I would give the world to be free of agoraphobia, bipolar, anxiety etc to do what other people take for granted ie popping to the shops on my own. My mind is in a constant turmoil and is clouded by my irrational thoughts. I certainly envy "normal" people and the things they are able to do.

04-01-09, 20:50
I can see where your coming from Mr Bowels. Will be interesting to see what feedback this thread gets.

04-01-09, 22:42
You must remember that 'normal' is determined by the majority. But who are to say the majority are right? And how come 'normal' only applies to certain things, i mean people who have seen a ghost are in the minority yet this is considered a sane situation. i appreciate that we are given medication only if the behaviour we exhibit is maladaptive to our lives and others but why is it maladaptive? only because this so called 'abnormal' behaviour does not adjust well to the way that society dictate out lives! Why does everything have to be so planned out and stable, why not have unstable irratic unjustified decisions, whos to say that the perfect life is one that contains job, money, kids why is this the ultimate achievement! God i hate this world, thers no room for individuality!
Maybe this isnt an illness, i mean nobody knows how the medication affects us perhaps its cos theres nothin wrong!
I dont know, i would prefer not to have racing thoughts and anxiety and irrational paranoia but then if i didnt have them i guess i wouldnt be me and i wouldnt be as creative and things.
But in contradiction to everything i have just written i can guarantee my response would b different tomorrow, or the next time my mood decides to swing.

06-01-09, 19:52
Mr. B

I think there are more people on the meds than we would believe. I was in Boots one day waiting for a prescription and two other people were having prescriptions for anti depresssants because I saw the boxes. I still think we are in the minority though.

i think you're dead right about us being in tune with our emotions - too intune!! I was on Seroxat for years and it was that med which rendered me emotionless to a great degree. Things didn't phase me like they did normal people and things that people would worry about was like water off a duck's back to me. However, after I came off the wonder med I have toooooo many emotions and worry toooooo much and am super sensitive. Oh the old Seroxat heaven.

As for the rich tapestries of lifes ups and downs................I don't think so. I hate it!!!!! I'm afraid I don't think this illness which renders you anxious or depressed is something to feel good about. If it was we'd be smiling.

Sam, yes I can definitely see where you're coming from. Are we acting as we should given circumstances in our lives?? Maybe we are.

A life doesn't have to contain, kids, money job etc. However, these are usually the things that make people happy. You can opt to have no job, no money etc etc but would you be happy without money and no job. I wish I could work that's for sure I'm sure it would make me happier.

There are certain people who opt out of what is considered normal life. I have a tramp who lives in the wood at the back of us. He opted out of life - has no home or job or kids ---- or food most of the time" Is he happy? Well he certainly comes across as happy. However, he is definitely not right in the head and comes out with the strangest things.

I dunno it's all a mystery to me - I really didn't realise that life was going to be so complicated and such a trial. Life's hard there's no doubt about that.

06-01-09, 20:17
Aye, well I got carried away there....I hate anxiety, its brutal...but paroxetine numbs me to oversensitivy and negative thoughts....it stops me going into the bowels, which can take hours to get out of....however it numbes my sex drive and everything.....i could be told bad news and not cry or feel bad....kinda alike a robot....however, when doing my job this drug
helps me communicate with staff....and I know i USED to make them feel uncomfortable with my uncomfortable look, or at least thats what my strong paranoia told me....I have seen people glance away because I look so uncomfortable, or because I am embarrased for no reason.

The problem comes when u take paroxetine, your inhibitions are taken AWAY and u become a joker, and a good laugh...but you want your passions back so u lower dose or come off....then all of a sudden people joke with u in the same way but all of a sudden its horrific and back to square one!

There is a quality seroxat rant over with

mr b

07-01-09, 09:12
Mr B

You know the med very well I can see that. I can so relate to the things you say.

I think it's harder for a man on the sex drive side of things - so I sympathise. You can't have it all I guess.

Take care. Your posts are interesting.

17-01-09, 16:07
I think more people are going onto medication nowadays, it is a sign of the times really.