View Full Version : Head spinning!

05-01-09, 16:11
Hiya all

Today is day 4 of taking paroxetine and my head is spinning! I get a headache from time to time but I find it hard to focus. I get dizzy spells every now and then. Anybody else experience this?

Ow, and I'm shakey too, more so my jaw. When I yawn my jaw shakes unless I close it tightly. Is this normal too?

11-01-09, 20:22

Ive been on fluoxetine for a few years and had to come off it. Ive been

given paroxetine but i darent start taking it after reading about all the side

effects. I know it sounds pathetic but ive already put 3st on and cant afford

to put anymore on. My gp assured me i wouldnt but everything on here

suggests i will :unsure:

19-03-09, 11:15
Hi Jadey
I am on my second day and feel dizzy some of the time which is frightening. I am a really anxious person anyway. Let me know how you get on with them.


20-03-09, 16:15
if u dont want side effects justtake half for first week... i also take mine before bed that way if you get side effects you will be asleep :-)