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04-07-05, 00:57
I am still having so many mood swings.. its scaring me. I am on 225mg Effexor and I am still praying this is all hormonal since the Effexor worked for me for 11 years and now BOOM!

I do wonder if anyone has taken antidepressants and herbals together? I have chamomile tea every day now and am trying Rescue Remedy and Valerian, but I read where it can actually cause depressive symptoms to get WORSE if you are on antidepressants.

Does anyone know?

Thank you.


Judi L.

04-07-05, 11:39
hi Judi,

I have never heard of that myself. Am not sure how rescue remedy and camomille tea could do that ..Where did you read that?

Sarah :D

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04-07-05, 12:11
I can't seem to find that information today, but I did not sleep well and woke up with major anxiety, internal tremors, hot flashes. Its only day 12 in my cycle. I am just going nuts.. Are the tremors normal?

I am on Effexor and I drink chamomile tea every day. I took Valerian last night.. had more tea, forgot the lavender oil, though. And I am a bag of nerves this morning. I feel like crying and running away from everything. I was FINE FINE FINE for 9 days and then felt it start yesterday. Today is worse.

I go for CBT but every time it happens, I feel like I won't make it.


Judi L.