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15-01-09, 09:46
ive had a few ECG's the last one was on new years day when i had a mager panic.. was in AnE for like 8 hours. they did blood tests on my heart as well and they said it was fine..
but recently the pain has come back and its in the same place on my left side and ive been gettin a few palps and pains in my arms, heart beating faster ect. i didnt sleep AT ALL last night and i have a baby to look after and its doing me no good. im also breathless, and chest feels heavy. i think im guna have a heart attack/got heart failure and i think if i close my eyes im not guna open them again.
tryed to get in docs today but there closed for training.. going tomorrow though, just have to put up with another day of thinking im dying =[ i think my HA getting alot worse.
i keep having in my head what a doctor told me one day that if im not getting the pain when i have the ECG that it wont show up.
i mean the blood tests for my heart were ok so that means theres nout wrong yeah? or could it have changed?

im bet your all sick of me posting! but i just duno what else to do, this sites like my comfort zone

Jo x

15-01-09, 13:00
Hi jobear, I know what you mean, It's really scary. I get pains too in my chest and shoulders, sometimes the pain is different day to day. I do get acid reflux, I think it has something to do with that. Try and stay calm, maybe you should get someone to give you a hand with the baby if yiur not feeling to good. You should see your doctor though to put your mind at ease. Im sure your fine. take care:hugs: