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15-01-09, 18:59
im due to have a 24 hour holter test when a monitor becomes available at my gps. how many others have had this test?

15-01-09, 19:08
Many many times.

I have had 3 major heart surgeries so when I got those beats, they checked me out. Everything was fine.

HUGS. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Thinking of you.

Duckie xx

15-01-09, 19:09

i have had it done a few years ago .
it was to to look and see how my heart was coz i was getting ectopics.
they found ectopics on there but told me i was fine and not to worry.

jodie x

15-01-09, 19:48
Scroll down to the bottom of this page and read the "Similar threads" as well.

15-01-09, 20:06
I had this test done last year, although the doctor told me that I didn't need it. It was mostly to ease my mind because I was suffering from constant ectopics/palpitations. Everything came out normal and the test itself was very simple. Having the monitor attached to you was the most aggravating part! I worried so much about the results, but wouldn't you know.....I think I had 4 palpitations throughout the entire 24 hour period!!! It's almost as if the monitor stopped them for me! I guess it just proved to me that all of my "heart" symptoms are definitely related to anxiety!!

16-01-09, 09:19
:yesyes: I had one of these moniters on Tuseday. It was ok but I now have to wait for 2 weeks for the results, I am so worried and so stressed out about this, I'm just praying everything will be ok but it does seem too long to wait and worry!!! Good luck with yours x x

16-01-09, 11:24
hi chrissie. thats a long time to wait for the results, hope everything is ok when you get them. thanks to you all who replied to me.

11-02-09, 14:44
Had one a couple of weeks ago. Was interseting. My sys pressure went up to 220 shopping in Tesco's! but my dys went down to 60 while I slept!

03-04-12, 16:43
I had it done last week and my doctors have just phoned to say I need BP tablets.:ohmy:

03-04-12, 17:20
Hi, I've had it a couple of times. They found something not quite right, but not a major concern either.

The test can only be a good thing; either it confirms nothing is wrong or finds something that needs fixing. If doc thought there was something significant wrong they'd be much more bullish about getting you on the monitor.

Fingers crossed you'll be fine.