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18-01-09, 22:35
Hello all.

I've been a sufferer of all sorts of anxiety for about 17 yrs (37 now), and i feel that i'm falling apart now for real!

Never had an operation hence never been 'under' - but last year i had to have a nasty tooth out so was sudated under private care and all the worrying wasn't worth it as of course i was fine...

I have a few health issues since and sadly now its looking like i have to have a nasty hip op soon, but first i have to get thru tomorrow.

Tomorrow i have to have my first MRi scan, so i have to have ink injected into me then the MRi done, i'm not that worried at the moment but more concerned i might start to panic whilst actually havin it hence ruining the scan and making me look like a muppet!!

Have you had an MRi anyone, can you help put my mind straight?


18-01-09, 22:48
Hi Derek, I had an MRI on my shoulder and neck 10 years ago to diagnose a prolapsed disk. It is completely painless but quite slow, so it takes a bit of time. It is also quite noisy - the magnet makes quite a loud clanging/knocking sound.

The scanner is open at both ends, and although I found it a little claustrophobic, I was fine in the end and did not need any sedation or special preparation. If it your hip they have to image, you might be able to keep your head outside the tunnel if it is the enclosed space that worries you?

I would have an MRI over a CT scan any day - MRI is completely harmless and radiation-free, apart from being very accurate.

I am sure you will be absolutely fine - write and let us know how you get on.

Best wishes from Annie

18-01-09, 22:58
Thanks for that Annie,

You know what its like, someone mentions something and you can't forget it, its the 'tube' & coffin effect thats worrying me, i will tell them that i freak a bit and hopefully i'll be able to keep my head out!

The paperwork says 10 mins to 45 mins!

Still its gotta be done, i have a over sized head on my femur restricting hip movement, if its not done i will be arthritic and have to have the hip replaced! Ouch.

But u know a panicker - if its something most ppl breeze over guaranteed i'll read the worst possible scenario into it.

I'll post here tomorrow and hopefully help someone else who maybe concerned.


18-01-09, 23:06
I'm concerned. Am going to get one of my head in a week or so and worried about the coffin like tube....let me know how it goes.

18-01-09, 23:12
Derek, an afterthought - someone I know who was also worried about the enclosed space found a sleep mask (you know, one of those dark eye shades made of foam that people use to sleep duiring the day and on planes, etc) to be helpful. If you can fight the urge to peek from underneath, you will not be aware of the tube if you had to go in it.

The healthcare professionals will also be more than used to worried people and will no doubt be able to reassure you very efficiently once you are there. Fingers crossed yours will be a 10 min rather than a 45 min one (as farr as I remeber, mine was about 20 :)

Best wishes

19-01-09, 00:11
I am terribly claustrophobic and have had 7 yes 7 mri scans for my damaged spine in last 10 years. My best advice is ask your Dr for a presciption for diazepan ( I take 6 mg about half hour before scan) you do not want tot ake too much or they won't scan you if you look like you are drunk:D but just enough to make you feel " so what". I then shut my eyes BEFORE I go into the tunnel and under no circumstances to you open them whilst in there- the sleep mask if good idea. I also put my own ear plugs in as well as the headphones they put on you as it can be extremely noisy.

I have had one scan with contrast and they put you in and do some scans first then they brought me out without me moving they gave me the injection and then I was put back in and scanned again. There was no effects whatsoever from the injection it is one of the most harmless of the contrst dyes used as its a mineral element rather than a chemical dye .

They can hear you all the time and you get a panic button that if you press it the scan stops and the table slides out. don't whatever you do suddenly try to sit up:lac: you'll get a bad headache.

Let us know how you get on - if I can do it 7 times anyone can:yesyes:

19-01-09, 03:24
Everyone I know asks for an open MRI, where you just lay on a table, no tunnel. If you already committed to a closed MRI, best to keep your eyes closed. I had one of my neck and the tunnel was over my head and even though the rest of it was open, I didn't like it. Please know one thing...the technician will talk to you and say things like "this segment will be 5 minutes" etc. There is a little microphone where you can communicate with them at ANY time. If you freak out, you can tell them. I would advise trying to bear with it because they have to start all over again...and if you can't do it the first time, you probably can't do it the second time and have to go back and get a referral for the open MRI. I have had 8 MRIs in my life, all open but some friends managed to do the closed by keeping their eyes closed, getting throguh the noise (that's the least of it, really) by pretending that they're instruments in a band! You will be surprised at the mental tricks you can do :-) and how strong you can be. Write back here and let us know, ok?

20-01-09, 22:47
Hi all.

First thing i want to say is my god!! After only what 2 days away this is on page 3, makes me realise how huge this subject is.

Anyway, i had my MRi scan yesterday, i drove to the hospital about 30 miles away with my better half, i was ok but a bit snappy (my way of panic), arrived and found the right place, then paced the carpet!

I had to have a injection into my groin, i was panicing but trusted them, the needle had to go very deep but one nurse was excellent and i was wll looked after, i was then whisked down into the MRi room where there were a few patients that visually made me feel like i shouldn't have been there, poor sods, but we kept smiling.

I led down and i told them i didn't like it much, but i entered the machine and man that tube is close to your nose!

It started, they forgot to turn up the music and its very, very loud, but i was in there for 15 minutes and got thru it - now i think i'm bloody invinsible - lol - seriously its not that bad, a bit un-nerving but managable.

I also went to a private consultation as i have to have a camera into my stomach for another problem today, he was great, but i'm not looking forward to that but i will be sudated.

Still my 3 hr operation on my hip comes first, one thing i have certainly learned is that these people are so professional, they are experts and you are well looked after, certainly have my mind at rest for the moment and not too worried now about my operation that will be around March.

This is all about quality of life, i felt great today, doing company home visits to potential clients with no panic in me at all is simply a huge breath of fresh air, smiling and realising i am actually smiling is very, very nice!

Hope you all are ok, and i hope that someone might take some form of comfort from my own experience.