View Full Version : clonazepam/rivotril

21-01-09, 20:56
i think i know the answer to this but i will throw it out and see what you think if you are more wiser.

ive been getting roche rivotril for the past 4 years, now a generic version is out and past 2 refills ive had this generic clonazepam.
i feel it is not quite as potent as the roche but is it all in my head.

i went to the gp and asked for roche to be put on my repeats but i saw a locum as my gp is on hols-he let me have it for this month but wouldnt give a repeat and said i speak to my gp when she returns.but he said it is the same drug. and comparing rivotril and clonazepam on wikipedia it is the same makeup.
so is the generic just a wee bit less potent or do generics have to be exactly the same as the original?

thanks in advance

p.s please dont ask how i got clono off gp for past 4 years ..its a long story:yesyes: