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22-01-09, 18:54
after a lot of thinking and i mean alot of thinking i have decided to take my propanolol every day. The dr did tell me that i can take 3 x 10mg per day, but i was taking then only as and when needed.

Since christmas i have hardly been out, due to having that flu bug. so my agorapobia has come on big time, feel scared to do the nursery and school runs or feel scare of life inj general sometime but dont know wny. . (the other day i actually drove up to the nursery and felt horriable so i drove home again, with my son still in the car, my mum had to take him back up there.)

Its got to the stage now, that i panic at the though of any one coming around to my house, ie friends or family. So i have decided to take one tablet at the moment every day, to see if this will help, i know that it is a small dosage, but do u think that it might help me to try and get some sort of live back.

Today i took the first one and actually managed to go out in the car for a drive tp a place that i havent been to for years. I did manage to park up and walk in to a shop, but didnt last long before i had to return to my car.

I will go back to the drs, but i find that hard. I am going to only take one tablet daily at the moment. Will this help me calm down. I also have a problem taking tablets, thats why at the moment i am only taking one tablet.

23-01-09, 11:28
well done where you got to. dont wrorry that it didnt last long. little steps etc. you done something you havent done for years so thats a big thing!

i have had panic attacks since 2004 and become agoraphobic with it from about 2006. ive gradually got out a little more now too. i have avoided anti depressents and anything else as like you im scared of taking them.

i was prescribed Propranolol this morning and im seriously thinking F**k it cant live life as i am. if it knocks the effects down of my racing heart and all that when i panic... it might let me carry on with a few things and gradually get the old me back as my confidence will come back which i believe is what its all about.

i do worry about all the problems side effects etc but then you get them on pain killers to.

watch this space lol

23-01-09, 11:45
thank you for replying,

what dose did the dr give you? I am hoping the same as you, once i can get the confidence back i might be able to move forward.

23-01-09, 12:05
i got 10mg and take 2 twice a day.

i dont know if your the same as me but my panic attacks came out the blue whilst driving a few years back and then kept coming back and then appeared anywhere. obviously i had one panic attack and my subconscious has remembered when where etc and its repeats and repeats and then your in a routine of it.

im not scared of people places etc etc i just worry about having a panic attack which then brings on a panic attack which is the reason i dont leave my safe zone (my house/bedroom) much.

BUT if i go out after a few drinks im pretty damn good and back how i used to be. (not going far but stuff i cant do sober) so im thinking if they knock off the symptoms a bit i might get back into a routine again which i havent had. fingers crossed.

also reading people views on here is persuading me to take them. if in honest were all a bit wired these days just to the panic so we worry about everything. so if people on here seem to be doing ok then so should we :) and its a very small dose.

23-01-09, 12:41
i still feel nervous about takening then, i panic before i take it, say to my self, just take the tablet u silly cow, and then panic once i have taken it.

i think after a few days i will just take them with out panic.

23-01-09, 12:59
yeh im still looking and reading up about them and not taken just yet. i think though take it and see if the best option. though with the way we are. we either look for a reason not to take them or when we take them we get "side effects" which i think half the time is us bringing them on...

now i if could only listen to what i say i will be ok lol