View Full Version : How easy is it to come off a low dose of Seroxat?

23-01-09, 11:35
Hi All,

I am sorry if this post comes across as being overly worried... I suppose it's just the way some of us with anxiety are. :)

My doctor has prescribed me a dose of 10mg of Seroxat per day to help ease my anxiety, which I've suffered from for years, but now mostly consists of lots of hyperventilation rather than the overwhelming sense of panic.

Neither I nor he were keen on giving it to me (I've also been referred to the mental health nurse for CBT), but for the sake of getting on with my life and job in the short-term, I thought I might as well give it a go.

I realise many, many people take anti-depressants at a higher dosage, but what are the chances I'll take these for a little while to feel better, then feel just the same as I did before - or worse! - after I come off them? =/

I'm only 24 and the last thing I want to do is rely on anti-depressants to get me by.

Any advice really appreciated.


30-01-09, 16:50
The best advice I had was not to give yourself a hard time about taking meds. If you were diabetic or had high blood pressure you would take meds to help, this is the same sort of thing.

I have been on seroxat for about 3 years now. First 10mg, then 20mg then 30mg. I'm now down to 20mg and hoping to come off them gradually now.

The thing about meds is that they can help you start on the road to recovery. I took them AND had counselling, and came to this site(!). The meds seemed to help me feel stable enough to listen and practise the self-help techniques, like controlling your breathing and distracting yourself. I have come to believe that even though I do sometimes feel panicky, I can get it back under control.

Its like having your leg in plaster for a while when it heals. If you learn the self-help stuff its a bit like physio, so you are more likely to be able to cope without it in the future. Ok, some people take the meds for years, and if that is the case so be it, its a chemicial imbalance which needs correcting sometimes. Have faith, take little steps and believe in yourself!:yesyes: