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13-07-05, 00:25
Hi yes me again,
got to get my anger, out i was having a really great day i have met a fantastic friend here they know who they are x and cause of her and all of you and the love i have for you all i stopped myself harming.
my husband is not helping we just had big fight. i still got hand in plaster im doing all i can round the house and with the dogs i was told by doc to sign off work due to hand and i having trouble eating in 17 days ive had about 5 meals i live off biscuit and toast trouble is im diabetic. but i havent i am working with one hand, and doing any extra time im so tired, he doesnt help with shopping. then tonight when asked him to open can for me he went into one, and had right go. i just feel like giving up nothing i do is ever right, i truely feel my family want rid of me. but i cant give in i promised someone special and all you that i wouldnt and i cant break that, have i done right by writing this rather than harm. got to keep walking forward. i wish my husband would understand like you all do. you all have faith in me that why not giving in
love you all
thankyou for listerning

13-07-05, 05:47
Of course you did right by coming here and off loading.

I guess your husband and family are frustrated and are taking it out on you. Try to ignore it and let it wash over you as much as possible.They'll soon notice the difference

As you're diabetic you really do need to eat regularly and properly.....and take care of yourself well.

Hope today is ok for you


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?

13-07-05, 08:25
Hi Susie,

I'm very proud of you for not harming yourself:D[^][:X]. I used to have a friend that cut her arms and legs to release the anger, she was a wreck for years. She got councelling wich took along time but now she's moved with her new fella and is expecting a baby! So that should prove that things will get better. Do you go to councelling? If so do you find it's helping?

As for the arguments with hubby, I myself am having the same problem lately with my partner. I've just started to ignore him! Easier said than done I know but they eventually get fed up talking to them selfs. I know how upsetting it can be when they don't understand, I mean if I hear 'oh for goodness sake will you just get a grip' or 'well you panic your self so what do you expect?!' one more time I'm going to scream. Point is though I don't. I wait untill he's gotten fed up and come on here and have a good rant and rave or I lock my self away in the bathroom and have a nice relaxing bath in peace or even take my kids out. Everytime you rise to an argument your getting stressed and upset wich isn't helping, so please feel free to e-mail me and rant and rave a problem shared and all that;)

Again good on you for not harming yourself, your definatly making the first steps to feeling better.:)

Take Carexx


"Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most!"

13-07-05, 13:30
Hi Susie,
Aaww hun i am glad that being here is helping you and stopping you from harming yourself, remember you are worth far more than that. People who dont suffer with anxiety do find it hard to understand, i have been told so many times to pull myself together, but its not that easy to do, but you are doing so well, dont let anyone tell you that you are not.
Keep going hun,
Take care

13-07-05, 17:29
Hi Susie,

Well Done hun for not harming yourself and writting it down instead. I am proud of you you did well.

It is hard for non suffers to understand. I don't think you can fully understand til you suffer.

Don't ever give up hun you are worth so much more. Keep thinking POSITIVE and beleaving in yourself as we do!

Take good care of yourself.

Love & a BIG Hug.