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01-02-09, 11:51
HI all,

I am currently reducing the dose of my meds. When I am on them I believe I will be fine and have learnt enough self help to manage if I do feel panicky. Now I am coming off them I have a bad case of the what-ifs.

..What if I can't cope without the seroxat?
..What if the side effects of withdrawl are really panic symptoms?
..What if I get really panicky at work next week?
..What if I am just not meant to come off the meds?
..What if I get really bad again like I was before the meds and counselling?
:scared15: :scared15: :scared15:

Ok, so I'm trying my best to convince myself that I will be fine. I was in a right state before the meds, and I always say they helped me get my head in a place where I was able to listen to my counsellor and practise self help techniques.

Now I am just frightened! Lying in bed last night with butterflies every 10 minutes every time I think about the meds, and feel symptoms in my body. I have dizziness, vision disturbance, brain zaps on and off, and these feelings bring on butterflies and palpitations.

I am struggling with positive thoughts right now. Maybe coming of these is a bad idea. Stupid what-ifs!! A day in the life of someone with PA.... we all feel like that with the what-ifs, its just they are getting the better of me at the moment.

I am shaking typing this now. I try not to think about the anixety because whenever I do I get worried, butterflies and all that. Then have to get it back under control again. I CAN, which is good obviously, I am not out of control, but its hard work. i dont want to feel like this every day.

Any help/ support or advice at all would be wonderful. This is hard and I am doubting.....:unsure:

09-02-09, 20:56

I'm on seroxat now,but I was on them before about 12 years ago and came off at first it a little bit hard but I found it not too bad, (it not as bad as a full panic attack ) and i never had too many side effects But you got to do it very slowly half a tablet at a time over some weeks. But you can do it. if you can't go back on to the seroxat it doesn’t matter you try and if it work great if not it's still great as you tried

18-02-09, 01:31
I had to go back to work and could not cope with the symptoms of withdrawal, so I am back to taking 20mg again every day.

I have been a bit anxious (due to money etc) so in a way I am glad I'm still on them as I seem to have lost faith in my ability to cope without them. e.g. if I feel this bad with them how would I cope without them?

Anyway, hopefully things will stabilise, and I will be able to come off them in Easter (anxiety depending) or summer hols.

Thank you so much for your reply though. Its just good to know I'm not alone, because I really feel it. Also to know that someone has been successful!

23-04-09, 10:15
I've been off seroxat for the last 8 months and initially i used to get brain zaps, dizziness whereby I couldnt drive to work, lost of balance, I forced myself to go thru life without seroxat and now after 8 months I still have a bit of dizziness and lost of balance as well as visual disturbance. Has anyone else encountered this when getting off seroxat?