View Full Version : Sertraline/Zoloft/Lustrul day 3.... diarrhea,muscle pain,worse anxiety

01-02-09, 12:58
My Dr. started me on this as he says it will help with the tmj, and calm me down so I don't do it as much, he said start on 50mg, well I was scared to as I read it causes teeth grinding/clenching which is the cause of my tmj. I have taken 2 lots of 25mg both at night and have had 2 nights of hell, waking up in a panic, tossing and turning which is no good for me as I haven't to lie on my side with the tmj, 2 hours sleep then awake the rest of the night.
I have also got BAD stomach issues, no way could i go out, have to stay near a toilet (tmi) but a fact, also the backs of legs hurt when i press them (calves) and my muscles ache and worse when I press them, generally all over but legs worst.
Ok, now I know that all these things are symptoms of anx/stress/ but they were getting better until I started this med and now I feel like I have gone backwards.....
I am thinking I should drop this and just take paracetomol and the amitriptilyne at 10mg for the pain when I need it. (Dr says take 2 if needed)

Anyone?.... please....

08-02-09, 16:21
Hi Trapped, sorry you've been feeling so awful. I've been on sertraline for over a year (this time) and it does take a few weeks for things to settle down. It's common (normal?) to feel worse before you feel better.

Good luck xx

08-02-09, 22:42
I've just been prescribed this too but for different reasons and I have been too scared to take it because of weight fears.

I too read about teeth clenching but as with all meds they have to list every possible side effect anyone has ever reported.

I have also read that it can cause insomnia, which is a problem for me as I have chronic insomnia anyway. I wondered whether you've tried taking it in the morning? Or were you advised to take it at night.

Hope the symptoms settle soon :hugs:

Karen x