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07-02-09, 17:24
Hey before i get shouted down for asking, i am desperate i haven'y slept a full nights sleep in 2 weeks. I've tried sleepers, milky drinks etc but NOTHING helps. I don't wanna change my meds because this is the only side effect i'm experiencing and its only come about since i upped the dose. I watched a documentary last week regarding cannabis and friends have suggested it to send me to sleep. Only a tiny bit just as i go to bed! Any opinions??

07-02-09, 17:32
My opinion is definately don't do it.


07-02-09, 17:55
I have smoked cannabis many many moons ago and to be honest it only caused more proplems especially with anxiety. It sent my mind on overdrive.

I certainly would not reccomend cannabis to anyone with depression and (or) anxiety. It is a bit like having an alcholic drink to help you sleep, great at the time, but you suffer later.

It might be an idea to go back to your Dr and ask it there is anything he can give you to help you get your sleep routine back. You may only need a short course of mild sleeping tablets.

take care xxx

07-02-09, 18:00
The link between panic anxiety is real, Some can take hash without any ill effects but the problem is, we dont know who can and who cant take it.
There are other herbal products on the market that may be worth taking a look at.

07-02-09, 18:25
Hmmmm, your all probably right, i'm very suggestable too so if i'm told i could get anxious then i probably will! Surely this insomnia should pass soon, i had no sleep trouble on the 50mg, but since upping to 100mg its chronic!

07-02-09, 19:37
i would say def dont do it - it can cause bad anxety so if you are already anxious keep clear

07-02-09, 23:37
when i upped my dose to 100mg i had trouble sleeping, i still do.

I would def stay away from the cannibas. It dont mix withanxiety.

Have u tried rescue remedy? They do one for nite time to help people sleep

mandie x

12-02-09, 00:20
I would really suggest that you not smoke cannabis. I was on Zoloft 50mg and use to smoke cannabis once or twice a day. At first it was ok. Then as time went on (3-6 months) when i smoked it would send me into a panic attack. I quit smoking it and the anixtey went down. I haven't smoked it in 4 yrs. and i feel really good. It does nothing to help sleep but it will make you eat alot. Hope this helps.

12-02-09, 10:34
Cannabis most likely won't help you sleep. It may make you feel lethargic, but it can act almost as stimulant increasing your energy levels. I occasionally smoke cannabis but I've never had any problem with it interacting with my anxiety, but everyone is wired differently. you should def. do more research about its effects or any interactions before you try it. Try to find a reputable, un-biased source to help you learn more.

12-02-09, 21:01
i smoked cannabis for 6 years and it got to the stage wherre i couldnt go 2 sleep without a joint!! it will send u off 2 sleep and it does relax the body, but it canmake u feel lazy and heavy the next day. i stopped using because i started thinkin about bad stuff that hadnt even happened. like bad things happenin to people i loved and how it would make me feel. i became paranoid of other people. if u try it and it works for u it could easily become an addiction. it took me a while to stop and im an so much better off, body ad mind. maybe u should try and exercise, have a hot bath, a milky drink. once u get into a routine u will be fine

all the best

12-02-09, 21:45
Hey guys thanks ever so much for the imput, i've definately decided i WILL NOT be taking this route, i don't really wanna rely on any substance to aid me sleep, i came close with Nytol, Syndol (because they make me drowsy) and alcohol at one point. I will put my faith in the meds which will hopefully deal with my anxiety and in turn aid my insomnia nightmare.

Thanks again.x

06-03-09, 14:55
Just wanna give you's an update, its been about a month since i posted this thread and thankfully i am now sleeping soundly AT LONG LAST! I do still wake up through the night occasionally but have no trouble getting back off, its such a relief. So anyone who is experiencing insomnia as an initial side effect to meds, don't lose faith it DOES pass. (well it did for my anywayz)

Phoennixxs11 x

06-03-09, 15:09
Glad you didn't choose the cannabis route.

I was a heavy smoker for the last 12 years of my life and I think it is the root cause of all my problems now.

Its one hell of a nasty drug, its so strong now that it surely does cause long-term damage even though you can't see it initialy.

I've done 7 weeks off the stuff now and even though i'm not missing it at all, its seriously screwed my head up. No memory, can't handle my emotions (now I have some again after 12 yrs of no emotions) - lost too much weight through no apetite, very paranoid about been round people, no motivation, no self-confidence, anxious....the list goes on.

What a nightmare!:doh:

08-03-09, 13:04
Challangerchris, Woah! Thats some bad things to get over, but i'm sure with perserverance you'll conquor it! I'm glad i chose not to try it, i should know by past experience illict substances don't agree with me lol. Keep your chin up its gotta pass soon. Has your doctor adviced you on the best ways to deal with these problems? Meds?

Take care, phoennixxs.

07-09-09, 04:22
For very occasional sleep problems, it can be a blessing. One thing none of the other posters mentioned, is that there are two disctinclt different lines of cannabis, with very different, high recognized patterns of effect. Due to varying amounts of THC(main activie component) and CBD(secondary active component. "Sativa" cannabis has a generally giddy/cerebral/"enlightened effect,which can induce anxiety or restlessness. "Indicta" cannabis has a higher amount of CBD, and generally has a heavy/stoned/ethargic effect - those varieties are what is used for medicinal marijuana, for chronic pain relief. Anxiety can arise from Indicta use if one decides they would like to do something, adn conclude they are too stoned...the felling is referred to as "couch-lock". Not bad if you are in bed, terrible if you desperately need to get off you seat and go somewhere. And getting some of the right variety is difficult, unless you have a dealer friend who is sensitive to your issues and very helpful

Basically it is not bad for once very week or two, but it can become psychologically addicting(and is illegal in most parts of the world).. Melatonin is a lot safer, and Chinese skullcap works nicely for some people.

Glad you are getting more rest.


11-12-09, 02:16
Its up to yourself. I actually smoke the odd spliff at night if im finding it hard to sleep, it helps me drift off to sleep no problem. I prefare a bit of hash instead of skunk

19-03-10, 15:12
my theory; it enhances what youre already feeling