View Full Version : Emetophobia Sufferers... Has anyone tried EMDR Therapy?

12-02-09, 14:01

I suffer from Emetophobia and have recently had CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help as well as taking anti-anxiety/anti-depressants (Citalopram). The tablets help a lot, but the CBT wasnt for me and didnt do much good.

My Phyciatrist last night asked me if I would like to try EMDR (Eye Movement Desesitisation Therapy). I said I would give it ago as I am sure any emet sufferer will agree they will do whatever they can to get rid of this awful phobia!

Just wondering if anyone else has tried EMDR for this and if it has been successful for them? Would really appreciate help from anyone!!


Lee :)

12-02-09, 23:41
This can be really effective, as many phobias are like linkages in the mind eg.
Vomit-Fear. EMDR can redirect the link all round the houses so that it cannot fire off the fear feeling. I use a modified version to cure many phobias, here's a little experiment for you (not a cure, but informative)
while slowly rolling your eyes (like putting your nose on the center pin of a clock and watching the second hand go round, only one revolution every 3 or 4 seconds) think about what make you anxious, at somewhere in the rotation (1-12) you may notice a peak in the feeling (sorry about the discomfort) and somewhere you may feel hardly anything, they are likely to be nearly opposite (ish!) if you find this to be the case then EMDR is likely to help you. This is not a guarantee nor is it done best via text but 1 on 1.
This mearly gives an indication that your mind accesses images/sound in order to produce the fear and EMDR can sever that connection if done well.
Also if you have had this phobia since an incident, then I'll gladly send you what we (hypnotherapists) call 'the fast phobia cure' ( an imagination technique) on an mp3 track just contact me through private message.