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12-02-09, 14:06
Sale on Bach Rescue Remedy products

I have managed to get us a good deal on some Rescue Remedy products to sell in the Online shop and I can pass these savings on to you!

I am stocking the complete Resuce Remedy range including the smaller "try it" sizes so you can get a 7ml spray for just 3.80 or the night dropper for just 3.50.

I only have a limited supply at this price so please take a look and get your order in when you can.

Here are some examples:

Rescue Remedy Spray - 20ml usually 7.75 now 6.50
Rescue Remedy Spray - 7ml usually 4.95 now 3.80
Rescue Remedy - 10ml dropper usually 5.05 now 3.50
Rescue Night Spray - 20ml usually 7.75 now 6.50
Rescue Pastilles original flavour 50g usually 5.15 now 4.50

You do not have to order from the shop - simply PM or mail me your order and I will sort it out for you. (mail: nomorepanic@btinternet.com). You can pay online with Paypal, debit/credit cards or can post me a cheque or postal order. Contact me for details.

Overseas visitors - please contact me so I can calculate the postage costs for you as the shop currently only caters for UK postage costs.

Postage is calculated on weight so you could actually get the 7ml and 10ml products for just 95p postage!

Click on the "NMP shop" link on the left hand side of the screen or go to www.nomorepanic.co.uk/shop (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/shop)

13-02-09, 10:38
Hi Nic ,

can i just ask can anyone take the rescue remedy and does it interfere with any other meds that you take oh and what exactly is it ? I'm daft , i know....

14-02-09, 15:50
Dear Nic

You may want to move this post as it might be in the wrong place!! I just wanted to mention the following:

I use rescue remedy alot and find it very good. However, my husband came home from work and thought that i had been drinking as I smelt of alcohol (although i like a drink or 2 i wouldnt drink in the morning so thought it was strange) and I explained that it must have been the rescue remedy as it does smell of brandy i think. It brought the question up that maybe it would give a breathaliser a false reading or at least give the police officer a reason to believe you had been drinking. Just a thought and I wonder what people think of this post as its had me thinking.

Love Tracy

14-02-09, 16:09
Kittykat - it doesn't interact with other meds you are taking. Have a look at the website here ....


Tracy - I did mean to post it under Announcements as it was telling people that I have this offer on for them and that is what the Announcements forum was for.

I googled about the alcohol bit and found this ....

Dr Bach used alcohol in his preparations, usually brandy, for its preservative properties. It is there to guard against microbial contamination which could otherwise grow in the water-based remedies. The alcohol is not an active ingredient. In the early days when chemists were supplied with mother tinctures to prepare the stock remedies, they used either rectified spirit or pure alcohol. Nora Weeks explained: 'In preparing the stock bottles, including the Rescue Remedy, at Mount Vernon, we use brandy instead of rectified spirit added by the chemists. The brandy, like the rectified spirit, is used only as a preservative and makes no difference whatever to the strength or efficiency of the remedy.'

Let's hope that it doesn't make your breathe smell too much. I have never noticed it to be honest but thanks for the comments and for bringing the point up so others are aware.

14-02-09, 16:40
Thanks for that Nic, i meant you may have wanted to move my post incase i was putting it in the wrong place not yours. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Love Tracy

14-02-09, 17:36
Thanks for that Nic, i meant you may have wanted to move my post incase i was putting it in the wrong place not yours. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Love Tracy

Oh :roflmao: sorry - I thought you meant mine

I understand now:yesyes:

pink daisy
15-02-09, 10:44
I have never found rescue remedy did anything for me part from taste yuck!!

15-02-09, 13:52
:doh: Thats ok Nic, the way I am at the moment i reckon i could confuse anyone

Love Tracy:hugs: x