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16-02-09, 14:39
Hey guys,

Hopefully in the right section here :wacko:

I have to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out, they are buried pretty deep and so I have to have general anaesthetic for it! Will be a day jobby in the hospital ...

The appointment came through this weekend and I have to go in a month to have it done - I'm terrified! for a few reasons:

First off I didn't tell the Dr at the initial appointment that I had anxiety, and I can imagine how I will be feeling on the day with my heart racing and feeling pretty much sick! I wonder if this will affect the anaesthetic? and whether he really needed to know?
Also I have joint hypermobility syndrome, apparently this means that local anaesthetic (especially in dental proceedures) doesnt work, and there have been stories of people being in pain during the proceedure and the Drs just passing it off as hysteria! Now I know im not having a local but I wonder whether it will affect the general aswell??

Finally! .. and most worryingly for me and my HA is the Dr said just as I was leaving the room that there was a 1/100 chance there could be nerve damage and the tip of my tongue, bottom lip and chin could end up numb! He just said this in passing then practically shoved me out the room! I feel I had no support from him and I'm absolutly terrified this will be the case!

Has anybody had this done before? Or can anyone answer any of my questions??

Thanks guys :flowers:


16-02-09, 17:44
Hi Gem.

I had to have all of my 4 wisdom teeth out as they were impacted and wouldn't come through my gums.

I had them taken out under local anaesthetic at my dentists. I had the left side done then a month later I had the right side done. I was very anxious before I got the first lot out, but it honestly wasn't bad. I explained to my dentist that I was very anxious about the procedure and he was great. He totally reasurred me and talked to me all of the time. I was sore for a few days after and had to go back to have the stitches removed (there was only 2 where each tooth had been) After that I was totally fine and certainly don't have nerve damage and the tip of my tongue, bottom lip and chin are fine.

Although I had this done under local anaesthetic, I have had operations under general anaesthetic and believe me you are totally zonked out. I also explained then that I was anxious and they gave me a pre med which made me very drowsy.

I know it's easier said than done, but please don't worry yourself too much as it will honestly be over and done with before you know it.

take care xxx

17-02-09, 15:37
Hi Gem,

I too had 4 impacted wisdom teeth and had them out under general anesthesia with stitches afterwards. Of course, as usual, I had my friend anxiety with me too. Perhaps you can call and speak to one of the nurses and explain your worries and they could then call you in something the night before to calm your nerves. The morning of the procedure remember to tell the dentist of your hypermobility syndrome so they can prepare for it.

As I recall I received pain meds afterwards and my face did not swell up at all. The stitches disolved in my case. I have had many teeth pulled for braces and honestly the wisdom teeth; although impacted, were the easiest for me. Try not to worry, almost everyone has to have theirs pulled. I'm sure he made that last statement as a precaution due to the high rise of law suits these days, nothing more. I have never heard or met anyone that has had that condition nor anyone that ever had complications with getting their wisdom teeth removed. Let us know how it goes under success stories will you?

Take care,


17-02-09, 17:37
Hey guys,

Thanks for your replies =) feel a little better about it now, its not for a while which for me is bad cuz it gives me more time to worry!

Will read these posts a few days before I go in to calm my nerves, and remember to let the DRs know about anx and joints!
Will let you know how it goes!

Thanks again =)


09-04-09, 12:55
Thought I would update those who replied ot this for me so long ago!
In the end I had to delay my op because of uni interviews - but I had it yesterday =)

Was sooo nervous, when I went to be put to sleep my heart rate was about 160 and they had to sedate me beforehand! So much so that I dont even remember being put to sleep properly - only waking up! Felt a bit cheated really lol
Was up and about within the hour and home in the next 2, my mouth was numb all day yesterday so didnt feel a thing though I couldnt eat!
Woke up really early this morning in pain with it but took all my pain meds and its gone down now :)

Thanks so much for reassuring me, it really was no trouble to go and get this done, and I hope some people can read back on this and find their own minds settled one day!

Gem xx