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20-02-09, 17:08
Just got back form the doctors. Worst day ever lol.

To start off with the doctor was 35minutes late for my appointment (not amused). So I sat in the waiting area which was packed, Heart racing, sweating, cold flushes, legs like jelly, my head racing couldnt focus on anything.

Tried allowing the attack and demanding more panic but nothing just stopped for a few moments then started again so I basically had 6 panic attacks in that 35minutes waiting.

Anyway now I'm REALLY panicking over the fact that he said to go have a blood test. I feel faint thinking about needles ever since having my TB injection at school when I came unbeleivablly close to fainting (basically collapsed on the table anyway lol) And to make it worse its a fasting blood test. Trying not to think negative but I just know Im going to faint. Knowing their taking blood out of me, a needle in my arm, the fact that its blood and I have a phobia of blood.

Also Im booked in to have an ECG test for my heart becuase it was racing so he sugested it. Anyone ever had one before? What happens on the day?


20-02-09, 18:06
Ok I can answer both of these cos I have had so many blood tests and ECG's these past 5 months that I must have the world record for it!

Blood tests - ask that you can lay down in case you feel faint and do NOT look at it at all. I never do - I just turn my head away and talk about anything to distract myself. It works trust me. If I look at the needle I would feel faint too! You do not need to see the blood either and it will be over with in seconds.

ECG - they connect sticky pads to your feet, hands and chest and connect you to the machine and turn it on. You may/may not need to take your bra off if you are female but seeing as you aren't then you will be ok. It doesn't hurt at all and they will just ask you to take a breathe in and hold it and not move for a few seconds whilst they take the reading.

See - both are painless and nothing to worry about.

20-02-09, 21:22
Thanks for the reply.

I always look away, Just my mind overpowers that and its just the fact that there is a needle in my arm taking my blood plus I wouldnt have eaten/drunk anything from 10pm the previous night which wont help my light head lol.

Now I'll be worrying about what if the blood test shows up something bad ha. Oh well if it does it does I need to know about it at some point I guess and the sooner the better.

20-02-09, 21:30
Surely you have the blood test really early? Ours do fasting tests from 8.30 am so just get out of bed at 8am and go for the tests.

If the blood tests show anything then you can deal with it at the time. There is no point winding yourself up over it as the chances are there is nothing wrong at all.

I am on serious medication for my Crohn's at the moment and it can give you cancer so I think I have something to worry about but you know what? I don't cos what will be will be and I can't change it and nor can you I am afraid.

I just deal with things as they come along as worrying all the time serves no purpose in life really.

20-02-09, 23:58

I have had a few ECG's in my time. They are a breeze, they just stick small patches on your chest, arms and legs, and then plug you into a machine. The docs will then let the ECG run for a bit and then take a print out.

As for blood tests, I also dread them. I never look and the needle, and bite really hard on my opposite arm when they take blood!

21-02-09, 00:26
ECG's totally easy and painless so don't worry...I've had loads. Blood tests don't really bother me.. I am more scared at the dentist. Just try to look away and think of something nice like a bluebell wood.. and then think how brave you have been. good staff can take bloods without you feeling much at all.. it's the thoughts and you can control them cos they are in your head.