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20-07-05, 10:54
my head going round and round and round, i just cant stop crying, i just feel like smashing the wall or cutting,
it is the only thing i no to let out the pain im in,
it takes the pressure away,
it so hard .
i glad i here i like talking here cause no one moans at me, why dont you moan and tell me to go away and hurt like others do?
hope dont mind me writing this, cause i want to hurt but i cant cause i promised my friends here and i dont want to let them down they love me i hope they mean it and not just saying it, so got to be strong i trying so hard.
i hope someone in chat tonight was so lonely last night,

20-07-05, 11:00
Hi Sue

No one here is going to moan and tell you to go away, as we all care about you. You are not alone, remember that.
Stay online and write your feelings down to help take the pressure away.

Take care chuck

Elaine x

20-07-05, 11:11
hi Sue,

Of course we all care about you!! We don't mind that you write down what you feel - that's what the forum is for. Hang in there hun..

Sarah :D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

20-07-05, 11:15
Hey Sus.

I know what you mean about wanting to let it all go...try punchin some pillows to let out the tension..it really does work [8D]

We are all here for you on the forum, so you'll never be alone. We wont and dont judge you, and there is alwasy someone here to listen to you and help.

Tatty B xx

20-07-05, 16:14
Well done for talking about it first and resisting any other routes..

Some good stomping and exercise as Nigel said and maybe a bit of dancing may help too..


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