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21-02-09, 19:18
What are peoples experiences of these?
Its been recommended I try these but am very nervous about this, I suffer from depression triggerd by anxiety and have never had any kind of therapy or counselling before just a whole lot of different drugs.
Just wanting some advice or opinions that might put my mind at rest

22-02-09, 08:56
I didn't get on well with group therapy, didn't like having to discuss myself in front of a load of strangers.

I found one to one therapy a lot better though.


22-02-09, 10:48
I have group therapy 5 times a week, was a bit nervous about it but was nice to see that i was not alone and that other people felt the same.

I also have one to one therapy which I find helpful because it is my time to let of steam without havin to think of others

If you want any other info you can pm me

Jacqui xxxx

spotty socks
22-02-09, 16:56
i have had group therapy alongside individual therapy. I don't like the group therapy, it is always the same ones who talk and want to talk and don't give the quieter people a chance.

22-02-09, 20:49
i found group therapy great meeting other people that had the same issues as me to be really helpful i have made good friends from going to the group sessions and i meet up with them still now i would recomend it to anyone that needed cbt its the best thing i have done to help myself:yesyes:

03-03-09, 18:08
I have had group therapy and individual therapy in the past. The group therapy had mixed results. The therapy worked well if it was a 'closed' group ie you had a contract to stay for a certain number of months. this is also costly and relies on the skill of the therapist to interpret what is going on in the group (and also making sure nobody gets left out) I have also had group CBT which I hated as I was too depressed to do the homework. It is very different to psychotherapy and no good if you want to get your feelings out. I did manage to drive on an A road (one of my fears) but I haven't repeated that. One to one can be useful but again can be costly and should have some long/short term goals.

04-03-09, 16:11
Group therapy helped me alot more than one to one therapy. firstly its nice to get out of the house and it also immunises you from any social phobias. the first meet is always the worst no one knows whats going to happen. if the group you plan to attend is anything like i attending you have nothin gto worry about, you only have to share what you want to and most of the time its just like our very own NMP chat room, people just being nice and supportive. you will also see from the other people that they are normal too and that helped me alot. i used to get worried about people looking at me and thinking i was worried but you see all the others who are as anx as you and they look normal so it put that problem to bed. I definatelty recommend it but it does depend on your personal preference but no harm in trying :)

20-03-09, 12:14
I struggled with group therapy as I found myself barely able to speak. I think partly it was that I just didn't connect with the group. I've tried CBT in the past but I think, at that time, I was too low for it to really help me. I've been in one to one psychotherapy for 2 years now, and I am so grateful for it. My therapist is fantastic and it has helped me in so many ways.