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Granny Primark
21-02-09, 18:19
I wondered if it was possible to have car stickers with "No more panic" on and keyrings?
Ive got me no more panic teddys which im very fond of and would love a keyring and a sticker for me car.
I wonder how many more members would be interested in buying keyrings and stickers if they could be made and put on sale on the No more panic shop.

21-02-09, 19:45
Great idea,

I would be interested, i think it would be good for a key ring to say JFDI like the bracelets say, as i would like that bit of advice when i get into the car, my bracelet helps through out the day !!

Greta idea GP xx

21-02-09, 19:45

That's a really good idea hun. I think Nic mentioned keyrings before but i love the car sticker idea.


Granny Primark
21-02-09, 22:17
See more than nits and lice in my head lol

21-02-09, 22:19
OMG LMFAO Lynn! Chamber pot please!!! lmao

21-02-09, 22:50
I would love a sticker and keyring.:yesyes: :yesyes: :yesyes:

22-02-09, 13:51
Well, I haven't got a car any more (all go ahhhhhh) - had to get rid cos we couldn't afford two cars. So a car sticker wouldn't interest me. A keyring would though.

Also, I've had this idea for a long time that we need to draw attention to the illness a bit more and not be so ashamed of it - what could we have that would sort of advertise the fact that we are panickers - like in a subtle way.

Any ideas.

22-02-09, 15:04
I did look at keyrings before see this post ...


The only problem with the teddy ones was the price. I couldn't get them much cheaper than about £5 each which I thought was a lot.

I will look into car stickers so thanks for the idea Lynn

I also need to order some more Teds as I only have the website ones left.

I can get the "JFDI" and "Don't panic Ted is here" ones but it was also suggested to get "Ted says RELAX" and then the smiley face with "we can do it" underneath.

Any ideas appreciated and I will get some ordered.

24-02-09, 17:36
I have found a company that does promotional goods and got some samples sent.

I couldn't get them done with the NMP logo/website on so please ignore the company names on the items - I just wanted to show the sort of thing we can get. They can send me pics of what it could look like with our logo on so I may get that done.

I will attach pics of 2 different car stickers - one round and one long, a new smaller Ted (6" tall) and a trolley token keyring (ideal for supermarkets and swimming/gym lockers).

I will have to order in large quantities (250-500) so need to make sure things will sell before I do order! The Teds I can order just 72 at a time.

As for prices:

the round car sticker would be about £1
the long car sticker would be about £1
the ted would be around £3
the trolley keyring would be around £2.25

Another thing I found that was quite good was packs of mints (ideal for travelling/meetings/handbags). These would be about £1 - £1.30

Any comments then please let me know.

24-02-09, 17:50
I think those car stickers will be very popular and the little teds (very cute)


24-02-09, 18:02
Yvonne check out these sights for raising awareness of mental health.

Is it possible you could be a link on them Nic dunno how it works?



Pooh x

Granny Primark
24-02-09, 18:23
Count me in for a car sticker and a little ted.
I just hope others are interested.

24-02-09, 18:43
Oh im up for the car sticker and keyring lol

24-02-09, 19:22
Round or long car sticker ?

24-02-09, 19:33
I havent a car, But if i wanted a car sticker Id have to buy a car.:doh:

I would be interested as they will stick to house windows too.
I like them both.

Nikk xxx

pink daisy
24-02-09, 19:50
I Like the round stickers... but then again the long one may be seen more I guess!!

Granny Primark
24-02-09, 19:52

02-03-09, 05:44
Im new at this but know i need to be here. anything that could help me futher help for me since i seen your advanced, whatever that may mean.

02-03-09, 18:27
I'd definately like a car sticker and a trolley thingy :D as i never have change for the and its so annoying at times........and i'd take a keyring as well xx :yesyes: