View Full Version : Prop and low blood pressure

22-02-09, 13:54
Hi all

I personally think these little tabs are great but I only take them when I really need them, like when I am doing a presentation or interview etc

BUT when I take them they seem to almost bring on an attack which doesnt make sense to me. I certainly feel a lot calmer but its almost like my blood pressure drops so low I get similar symtoms to a panic attack...like I am going to faint and usually when I am driving, so I have to pull into the nearest petrol station and eat about 3 bars of chocolate to feel any better.

Is this a panic attack or low blood pressure, its certainly very similar

I do have low blood pressure anyway and so am thinking it drops my levels much too low, the doc says not to take them if this is the case, does anyone one else know what I could take instead? Anyone had a similar experience? Shouldn't people need to have a certain blood pressure before being prescribed?