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20-07-05, 18:18
Has anyone tried acupuncture for panic attacks? I went today for first time ever and I am feeling more relaxed than was when on tranquilisers in fact felt quite spaced for an hour after it was brilliant. I think I'l definately go back and have more they say 4-6 trearments needed to work fully...will let you know if it works but if anyone else at the end of their tether It is worth a try if you can afford it. Its not very sore just a funny feeling when he put the needles in. I havent seen psychologist yet I thought I'd try this while Im waiting. Taking fluoxitine but wish had tried acupuncture sooner.Shonax

20-07-05, 18:29
Haven't tried it yet but have been thinking about giving it a go. Glad it's helping you..:D

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20-07-05, 19:54
hi there,last wednesday i had my fourth lot of acupuncture and from personal experience it really helps after last weeks session i have felt more relaxed than in ages so am going to carry on with it. i didnt know it takes four to six treatments but can definately say its true:D
mel xx


21-07-05, 00:09

Yeah i have tried it and i had 8 sessions and it worked wonders for me. I hope it works aswell for you and i can only suggest that you try it.

Love Sal xx

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21-07-05, 08:39
I have been having acupuncture in conjunction with hypnotherapy and find this really relaxes me.

I would recommend anyone to give it a try.


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21-07-05, 17:19
Hi all

This sounds like just what I need.

How do I go about finding a reputable one near me.


21-07-05, 20:58
Mandi I found one through the yoga centre I used to attend,but look on the web under accupuncture or complementary therapy you should find one in your area. The brittish accupunture association also has a website with a list of registered practitioners for their organisation. I'm feeling bit anxious again today, probably more aware as felt so good yesterday but as I said meant to have 4-6 times for long term effect so I will let you know how I get on. Going again next week, Shonax

21-07-05, 21:26
I have thought about it, havent had it as im a bit worried about where they put the needles and if it hurts[:I]

My sister had it for hayfever and it completely cured her of that.

Ill definately give it more thought

Take care:D

Feel free to PM me, if you want to talk.

Emma xx

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21-07-05, 23:01
Thanx for the info shona. Will let u know


28-07-05, 11:59
I'm considering this. My doctor has told me she can give me a list of local places, so maybe asking your doctor would get you the best recommendation?

Out of interest, how much are we talking?

29-07-05, 13:02
Mine costs 30 for one hour and im going once a week. Think it is helping. I had a certain person ranting and calling me all the names under the sun in car yesterday also speeding and locked the car doors so i couldent get out then put me out somewhere I dident know so I was lost but I felt totally chilled afterwards, 4 weeks ago I would have had a panic attack. also ive been flying about on underground no bother and I hate trains. So it must be helping i think its worth the money. Although im taking fluoxitine too so maybe is the combination. Id say go once and see how you feel as it is pretty good, shonax