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20-07-05, 20:10
i had heard about people taking st john wort tablets for depression ( which i havnt actually tried my self but i intend to) but i didnt know about the tea until the other day.
i saw it in holland and barrat, its a little expensive for tea, 1.10 i think( herbal teas are normally about 80p). im a big fan of herbal teas anyway and drink them regularlly ( im a big fan of peppermint and cammomile) they are great for chilling out and relaxing.
the only ingrediant in this tea is st johns wort. it tastes kinda bitter but not unpleasant (people that like green teas will love it)
this tea must have some effect because it says on the packet not to have more than four cups of it a day.

anyway its been great so far i really like it. ill let you know how i get on with it on a longer basis.

id also like to know if anyone else has tried it and what you think?

20-07-05, 20:39
Hi Starsuite,

I haven't tried it but thanks for that I didn't realise you could get it in a tea form either.

I wonder if it still effects the contraceptive pill as i know the tablets do. I'd love to try some if not.

Take care,

Love PIP'S X X

20-07-05, 22:04
[Wow!] I didn't know you could get it in tea form. Will look into that..:D

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20-07-05, 22:27
I didnt know that either. Do you know can u mix st johns wart with prozac?

Feel free to PM me, if you want to talk.

Emma xx

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21-07-05, 00:22
i have heard that it is ok to take st johns wort along side anti depressants, but you should ask you doctor too just to be sure

21-07-05, 08:20
You should NOT take St. Johns wort along side any prescribed antidepressants . They interfere with the absorption of both.

Also ensure you're not on any other potential interactive medication ie the pill, cardiac medication, warfarin etc.

Pips - I wouldn't mix them even if it is tea


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21-07-05, 08:51
Thanks for that Meg,

Take care,

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21-07-05, 11:08
Thanks Meg, Ill give it a miss then.
Hope it works for others and good luck to you all. Let us know

Feel free to PM me, if you want to talk.

Emma xx

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29-07-05, 23:25
It says on the box that it delivers 0.24mg hypericin per serving if that means anything to anyone

01-08-05, 12:29
I was gonna go to the health shop 2day and get some in tablet form, but might try the tea 1st.
Let me know how you get on with it would you.

with good wishes


01-08-05, 21:10
We have some st john's wort pills 300 mg, and it says not to use if your under 18. Well im 17 and dono if I should use them or not lol, but if they will help me I would want to give them a try..


01-08-05, 22:20

Maybe you could ask the store thats selling them. I guess it depends when your 18?

Feel free to PM me, if you want to talk.

Emma xx

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april tones
18-09-05, 23:41
id love to try this but i heard st johns wort can make ashma meds effects not work??? thanks x


19-09-05, 12:10
I'm not sure but I heard the tea was supposed to be good.

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