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21-07-05, 01:08
so much is going on right now and its really depressing. my sister has to be in a different state by tomorrow morning for court so that she can keep my niece, her father is trying to take her, and because of what my moms husband did in the past they are accusing him of doing now, to my niece. long story short, he had molested myself and my friend (that was a bit hard to get out) so my nieces father and his mother are saying all these things that arent true. i know he hasnt done anything to my neice. but now my sister said that she was going to try to lie to the court by saying that he had thought my friend was over 18. and come to find out thats what he had said in court at the time it all happened, but they knew that he knew that she was underage. my sister said that if she doesnt lie they will take my niece. i dont want my niece taken away but i also dont feel that its right for her to lie, especially about something like that. just her sitting there and telling me what she was going to say, obviously upset me and mad me angry. my mom sat there and didnt say anything so she most likely knew. i feel so betrayed by everyone im living with cause they always try to make it like nothing had happened and dont care. all's i really want to do it just knock him on his ass and tell my mom to give him a divorce. although i know she wont. i just dont know what to do anymore. :(


22-07-05, 14:46
hi jenn, no doubt this complicated situation is causing you alot of mixed feelings. hug for you, you'll get through this. take care .. andrew

22-07-05, 17:22
Good luck with all this Jenn - all the best :D

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23-07-05, 00:33
thank you all! your posts had help me alot! my niece is 2 years old.

my sister ended up getting full costudy, although the first sunday of every month, he goes to stay with her father for a week. its a bit odd that the judge would do that since her father lives 2 states away ( 8 hours away ) they have to meet up in 'the middle'. and then every christmas she goes with him for 2 weeks, which also is not good, i think. i think it should have been every other christmas since the family up here would like to spend time with her on the holiday's too.

im also not sure if my sister did tell that lie in court or not, id rather not ask cause it will probably just make me upset all over again.


23-07-05, 00:42
hi jenn i,m a new member was really sorry to here about what happened to you and your friend and i,m glad things worked out for your sister i too would be confused in your situation keep your chin up hun


23-07-05, 00:46
Thanks for letting us know how it went.

Its been really hard for you so so take care of yourself this week


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