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21-07-05, 02:02
i posted this in general anxiety but i have now decieded to post here it here as well. thanks

i wasnt really sure what forum to put this in cos it is linked to both anxiety and depression.
i have had a compulsive eating problem for years, using food as a way of coping with the despair, and loniness and fear of my depression. i had a breakdown 18 mobths ago, and thats when i began eating even more and i put on a lot of weight during the worst of my depression.

by compulsive eating i dont mean just being greedy or indulgeing in treats. i mean feeling compelled to eat anything when i am not hungary, beyond the point when i feel full, to the point where i feel so uncomfortably full and bloated i feel sick. i dont think people take complusive eating seriously and is not considered a "real" problem like anorexia, bulimea or self harm. well i'll tel you what compulsive eating is, its sitting in tears and shaking your foot controlably trying to calm yourself down cos you know your going to have to eat again to cope with the pain, and your gonna make yourself feel ill and regret it.
it then getting up and opening a tin of processed peas, standing at the counter eating them as fast as you can, cos for those few secends whilst the food passes down your throat everyting melts away.

its not what you eat, its the fact that your eating out of control beyond the point that you'd like to.

and it wasnt always fattening things i would be eating, it would be things like bread and cereal and my left over food too.
i wasnt always in that state when i was over eating but that was the worst of it. "normal" meals were difficult too, cos i would eat until i was over full then too.

well a little over a year ago i decided enough was enough and i decided to tackle my eating problem. i wanted to lose weight, but it was mainly the feeling of being out of control.
i decied to eat ONLY when i was pysically hungary and to stop eating when my body felt satified i.e when i was no longer hungary. (this is something most people to with out thinking about it) i had to make a consious effort to do this.
I had read this book called "naturally slim- without dieting" that said just that, that you have to learn to eat how people with eating/weight problems do.
it took a hell of a long time (6 months+) but i did lose 2 stone.
unfortunatly my eating problem never went away completely. i still eat compulsively its just no where near as oftern or to the amounts i used to. as i get fuller easier now too. i think the stomache shrinks overtime when you eat less food.
i still feel out of control though. today after my dinner i ate musili and yogurt (yeh i know its healthy) until my tummy was completly bloated out. its only really a small amount, about half a bowl, buts its the fact the ive eaten it to the point where i dont feel comfortable (as i said before) and it feels out of my control.
I dont think i will EVER go back to how i used to eat, but im worried that im gonna carry doing this when i feel fed up and anxious.

I'd like to know if anyone as experienced something similar? or you have any advice or coping methods?

all replys are much apprieciated

01-08-05, 20:48
I could really do with some help on this guys, so please take the time to read and reply.

01-08-05, 22:36
Hi starsuite, I have only just read this post.

Im afraid, I dont have any coping skills for you, as Im in a similar situation. I find that I eat until I feel bloated and have put on 4 stone, since my anxiety was diagnosed.

Today I have made a conscious start on eating 3 meals a day, and if im hungry in between, eating seeds, nuts or fruit.

Its very hard as I constantly feel hungry, and want to eat all the time.

Im actually in bed now writing this, and my stomach is rumbling. I want to go downstairs and eat something, its hard not to.

Mines to do with comfort eating and I know what you mean about it makes you feel better and takes the pain away, when you eat. I just feel so guilty after. In fact, I felt guilty eating anything today. I just want to lose weight and be healthier.

No much help really was I, but guess I just wanted to let you know your not alone.

Take care

Feel free to PM me, if you want to talk.

Emma xx

Keep focused, keep positive.