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21-07-05, 19:09
hey all,

Have just heard about Rivotril (though am sure it has been around for ages). The thing is though that it is used for treating anxiety/panic attacks and epilepsy!! As some of you may know, I have panic attacks but my biggest fear is of having a seizure..Am so tempted to go to my GP and ask for it..sorry, had to share..

Sarah :D

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21-07-05, 19:20
Hi Sarah, why dont you go and discuss it then, have you researched it or just waiting for Meg to come and do it, lol love Alexis,xxx

21-07-05, 19:51
LOL i was going to say ask meg then read alexis reply

kairen x

21-07-05, 20:03
LOL am waiting for Meg - how did you guys know?? :D

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21-07-05, 21:05
Because I wait for Meg to reply to mine, lol, cheers Meg,Love Alexis,xx

21-07-05, 21:21
hahaha Alexis :D

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21-07-05, 21:44
Hi Sarah,

Ive never heard of it. But a chat with your doctor wouldnt hurt. I can understand why you are thinking of taking it.

Good Luck

Feel free to PM me, if you want to talk.

Emma xx

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22-07-05, 00:05

Rivotril or clonazepam is a benzodiazepam similar to valium, xanax etc so is addictive, get used to it and need escalating dose etcetce.

It is used in epilepsy to relax the constricted muscles just before or after an attack.

Did you want it as a ' have it in your purse and will never need it ' treatment ?


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22-07-05, 10:39
aaahhhh I see Meg..I assumed it was like an anti-depressant that was taken daily..so basically you take it if and when you feel a seizure coming on..? Yes, I think I would feel comfortable if I had a few in my purse..:D

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